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Causes and love yourself

Many of us misunderstand the meaning of thisconcepts, erroneously believing that to love yourself, then indulge yourself, worship your body to be in a constant state of hypochondria, looking at his "favorite" newer and newer diseases that urgently need to be cured. In fact, self-love is totally not the case.

Love begins with self-esteem. Without self-esteem it is impossible to develop and make decisions, because under the weight of foreign opinions, which for you is more important than your own, you break and choose a dead end road - go on a strange road.

How can finally penetrate to his high sense of this - love?

Love yourself for real results
Let's be honest with ourselves: each of us is only respect for the man who has real achievements in a particular field of activity. If the individual does not represent anything outstanding, it is mixed with the gray mass of the same, as he himself. Therefore, begin to set themselves goals and make at least small steps towards their implementation. Begin to act, and learn to finally work on the separated result! Doing sports? Train harder, participate in competitions, showcase their achievements not only themselves but also others. Powered by unloved work? It is time to change it. Powered by favorite work, but on the low post? Do everything possible in order to grow. When you will see real results, then you can appreciate yourself. In addition, you will begin to appreciate the other.