Stress and wrinkles

Stress and wrinkles

We all know that in our crazy world,full of anxiety and emotions, it is very difficult to maintain a healthy nervous system. Anxiety and stress are not only destroying nerve cells and lay a huge footprint on our appearance. Most likely, any taking care of their beauty woman with the appearance of age-related changes in the face immediately run to buy anti-wrinkle cream, while the other, at least knowledgeable about the latest updates to the cosmetic industry, armed with these tips, will look for the cause of the problem and to try to prevent it. As the saying goes, "forewarned - is forearmed."

So, in addition to the natural processes of agingleather, big danger fraught with insidious enemy - stress! If you learn to control stress, you will not only feel better, but also be able to forget about your true age.

Here is a concrete action plan for the next week, consisting of only six points. Believe me, your face will thank you and, more importantly, any inconveniences!

- Each of us are unfavorable days,when we feel completely overwhelmed. Imagine that someone made you a compliment, when you least expect it. Is it not lift your mood? This little thing can change your whole day.

- So, why not give a little joy to others? Get started today. Just say a few kind words to those who need it most, but it is not waiting.

- When was the last time you took the time to listenmusic? Thinking? So it's been a long time. No problem. It's time to get rid of old albums gathering dust on the shelf and buy a player with a set of new CDs. Get out of the house for half an hour, take a walk around the neighborhood, enjoying your favorite music. This simple pleasure will make you move around a bit!

- And what if you listen to the birds singing and the noise of rain on the roof? Great start to the day. This will help you relax and get rid of stress.

- "Time - a gift that many of us take for granted. we do not notice in the hustle and bustle of everyday affairs as useless lost this precious gift. " (Cheryl Richardson).

- Beauty - this is not your artificially createdimage and inner feeling. The main thing is to love yourself! Makeup, stylish hairstyle and fashion items will help you emphasize your individuality, but do not try at this turn into another person.

- When did you last laugh? Again thinking? Take a look at the children have fun playing in the park. They smile, giggle and have fun. Take their example. Of course this does not mean that you have to jump in the sandbox, and sculpt kulichiki with neighborhood children. Just remember childhood more often, change the gloomy view of the charming smile - and enjoy life!

If you are still in doubt and waitauthoritative expert - please, it is. Dr. George Murphy, professor of dermatology at the University of Pennsylvania, came to the conclusion that stress affects the cells located under the skin surface, causing them to lose their elasticity, which leads to the formation of deep wrinkles. "So, if stress can cause adverse effects such as premature graying of hair, it is quite logical that the aging of the skin - is also his handiwork."