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A simple smile is capable of much

A friend of mine often on offer through lifesmile said that she supposedly holy fool not to go and just "lybitsya" and that the problem is already in short supply. Well what can I say! Our little kids that can during the day to smile or laugh to three hundred times, obviously it does not look silly or unnatural. Just the opposite - if they do not do that, we will start to sound the alarm that something was wrong with the child, whether sick ...

In this respect, the vast majority of seniorclearly losing the younger generation. Alas, but the average adult accounts for only 5-10 per day smiles. This is taking into account curves and sarcastic grins!

If you feel that you already have can be classified as a sort of "Ve-ry serious people" or that you're just in it will be taken, and you do not want to try to start with a very simple action.

Watch yourself and your feelings at thatmoment when the smile appears on your face, and especially - when you laugh. Also, be sure that you will notice improvement in mood, as you will not notice a fear, anger, doubt, or any negative thoughts. Try and see it on their experiences. But a prerequisite to laugh or smile should be natural! We by nature are simply not able to feel fear or anger and thus still laugh at the same time. What one thing will not work - either fear or laughter is not.

Look at small children. They have all the problems, experiences, joy simply written on his face. If upset, the lips Skovorodnikov - and in tears. And something happy - just a smile from ear to ear, ringing laughter. They are spontaneous and have not yet learned to like us, to hide their emotions. That is the emotional state of the connection with the expression on their obvious example.

But if the connection works automatically in oneside, why not try to run it backwards ?! Start work on our emotions through "work" with the person. In the face of a lot of facial muscles, which receive command signals from a large number of nerve endings. And, depending on the type of signals that muscles build one or another expression of our face: resentment, grief, joy, frustration, and so on. Now we are forming the same smile, through her working on the end. And they, in turn, affect the feedback our psycho-emotional state.

Experimentally proved: if the "put on" the disappointed man mask, after some time, the mood will deteriorate. Conversely, a bad mood in just a minute or two markedly improved if the "put on" the mask of joy.

The benefits of a smile in front of a mirror

It would be good for many to take it a rulestand up a couple of times a day for three minutes with a straight spine in front of a mirror and poulybatsya its most beautiful smile! You may ask: "What does it mean? And why always with a straight spine, and even looking in the mirror? "

When you smile, look in the mirror, thencommit the most beautiful and natural expression of her face, including the eye expression. And then it will be easy for him to return to normal life - to the most beautiful and natural! In addition, watching themselves in the mirror, you do not allow your mind somewhere "float away" and forget about the main at this point of his duties - the creative creation the most beautiful smile!

In addition, except for a smile, and you form morebeautiful posture, getting rid of slouching, "bent down with trouble" back. Beautiful, and therefore the correct posture, in addition to purely visual appeal, and contributes to more internal rejuvenation of the body!

When you smile the most harmonious,natural and open to the world, so all the vital currents that circulate in the body and feeding it activated. But direct and open the spine, which is the main "lifeline" of these currents has much less resistance to their flow. This allows the vital force to fully come to all internal organs and systems.

Now, a little patience, and just a couple ofminutes of good mood begins to fill you. More minute to consolidate this state - and you are ready to solve all tasks assigned to you. Only now do not swearing on any occasion, and with the inner lightness and joy.

Exercising regularly, you will be more likely to remember about this condition and it is easy to vozvraschats
I. This will allow you to be in lives of more than friendly and calm person. But it is also a good example for others!

The benefits of a smile in bed

I also want to give one more advice on how to help yourself into the good mood was a constant companion. In the morning, before getting out of bed, smile. Not only lips, but also the whole body! Smile so that the inside was warmer. Duty of a smile or some "rubber" grin here does not pass, only a sincere and pure smile!

But if all of a sudden it turned out that already stood up andremember that you forgot to smile, then climb back into bed is not necessary. Smile where remembered about it. And not to forget about the smile, put the bed reminded her - some phrase or a funny picture. This procedure will enter into shape and a reminder about it will not need just a few days.

It will be very good if with a smile you do notforget somehow internally, very sincerely to thank my life for what it gave you another day. Thank you for another chance to be granted in something better, more humane, to understand something, to learn something new, to help someone, to do something good! Thank you for another opportunity to learn more their lives, to make friends with her.

Thank and smile. And during the second smile did not forget to wish all living things on the earth happiness, joy, love and health. If the external shape of a smile is so filled with inner content, its quality will increase many times!


In this article, we touched on only very initialpart of theme effects smiles and laughter on our mood and inner state. Of course, there are much more interesting and profound methods of influence, for example, "laughter therapy" session where just one laugh can last up to one and a half hours! But unprepared and untrained persons such effects simply do not survive.

Therefore, in addition to laughter, to be sure smehoterapiiinclusive learning of complex physical (of yogic exercises) and certain breathing exercises, mental elements of remission, deep relaxation, and more, all of which prepares the body for a powerful cleansing of accumulated stress, toxins and wastes. But the result, respectively, disproportionately higher.