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Why is it so important is fitness ?.

In some respects, regular exercisefor women it is even more important than for men. It turns out a lot of problems with health, appearance and well-being can be solved with a simple gym and fitness. There prividitsya ten main reasons for the importance of fitness in a woman's life.

Why is it so important is fitness?

10. Fitness helps to lose weight

Without a doubt, regular fitness classes helpto maintain a slender figure - or return it. At the same time you will not only improve health and mood, but also will disappear the problems associated with being overweight.

9. Fitness fills free time

Probably, at first glance, this reason manyIt seems pointless, but sometimes there are periods in life when you just want to climb the wall and minimize the free time. Useless weekend, sad holidays and so on and so forth ... you are lonely and sick of the TV to the death! Exit the house and go to the fitness club! Sure, after training your mood improves significantly.

8. Fitness encourages and supports the work of the heart

If your family extendedcardiovascular disease, with the help of fitness, you can strengthen the heart muscle and thus prolong his life for several years. Physical activity speeds up the heart and breathing rhythm that keeps the health of the heart. Remember that the heart - it is also a muscle.

7. Fitness - the best cure for stress

During gym you discard stresscaused by family problems, trouble at work, quarrel with my boyfriend. If you feel at home and at work are increasingly irritated by trifles, often try to be in the gym.

6. Catching up on fitness, you set a good example for children

According to the results recently published in one of theMedical Journal study, mothers day involved in fitness, more chances to raise a successful and healthy children. It turns out that self-discipline is the mother affects the very nature of children, particularly if a child to engage them in sports, so it came with age in their habit.

5. Together with then from the body out harmful toxins and negative energy ...

Here we digress a bit on the Chinese philosophyand reveal a little secret kung fu. Kung Fu Masters often repeat that intensive sweatshops exercises are particularly useful for women, sweat cleanses the internal energy channels. Exercising increased complexity has helped many women to solve the health problems of varying severity - harmful toxins out of their body with sweat (relatively speaking).

It is possible that many doctors have disputed this claim, but we were able to observe with my own eyes this phenomenon.

4. Fitness helps prevent osteoporosis

Regular physical activity - a necessaryto preventing osteoporosis. This disease affects mainly women, so now begin to engage in weightlifting, yoga, running, and perform stretching.

3. Fitness helps prevent breast cancer

Many experts agree that regular exercise can help prevent cancer and in particular breast cancer. Is this not enough to immediately buy a subscription to a fitness club ?!

2. Fitness improves your mood!

If you at least once a morningjogging warm summer in the park or riding a bicycle race with a buddy, you know what we say. It's a unique feeling of harmony due to hit the blood of certain chemical substances as a result of physical activity. By the way, this feeling persists for the whole day!

1. Fitness prolongs life

Numerous studies have shown that regular fitness classes actually prolong life. We hope for a long time to see you among our readers!