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Ways to feel like the most beautiful

Have you ever wondered where doesso magical state when virtually all light from within and immediately surrounding react in response to the enthusiastic views? Do you think it's all about the happy days? Perhaps, if we do not take into account the fact that the highlight of the day lies precisely in the ability to apply yourself correctly. You want to feel at 100? Then act!

10 ways to feel like the most beautiful

1. Love yourself

All good things in our lives begins with us. Self-esteem and self-love really work wonders. Start the morning with a sincere smile new day. You - a unique and unrepeatable. Appreciate its natural beauty - look in the mirror, do not think about the shortcomings, but each time the Focus on the merits. Be grateful for all that you have. Wear a positive charge, and the surrounding will notice inviting shine your eyes.

2. Get inspired changes

Improve your style. Me, but at the same time remain true to itself. Remember that new haircut must be new from all sides! In particular, the opening and profitable emphasizing vivid manifestation of your personality. However, before you decide on fundamental changes, carefully consider whether you would be sorry to part with long hair that you've been let grow? Maybe then you should make the hair color deeper, to shape and preserve length?

3. Take care of the skin

Your face and body deserve not onlyquality, but also regular maintenance. Keep this in mind and enjoy the process itself. It is noteworthy that, in women who are caring for a significantly improved self-esteem.

4. More often pamper your hair

Beautiful hair is always considered to be provenmeans of seduction. Be sure to use a hydrating mask. They not only make hair stronger, but also give them a glossy shine and silkiness. See our beautiful and well-groomed in the mirror - it's so nice, especially when you know that it is the result of competent care and the right attitude.

5. Enjoy aromatherapy

Arrange an aromatherapy session: to begin with, take a shower with refreshing and invigorating scent of citrus. Next - Apply in a circular motion clockwise most gentle nourishing lotion. Then light aroma lamp with your favorite oil. And enjoy the healing scents. You will feel a surge of strength and energy. And, of course, you'll love the feeling of grooming her beautiful body.

6. Arrange SPA in the bath

And when you take a bath in the last timetenderest air foam? If there are no contraindications, treat yourself to this fabulous festival of beauty and bliss light the candles, put your favorite music and fill the bath by adding flower petals! Enjoy the beautiful moments - you are creating them yourself.

7. Take care of body

What could be better than accidentally seeing theirreflection in the mirror shopping center, noted with confidence that today, you look amazing, and that figure - SUPER! Use every opportunity. Just do sit-ups every day, exercises for the abs and buttocks. Watch your posture, if possible, move more. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. In the subway, instead of wasting time on the escalator, go up and down. This is important because during the ascent and descent we train different muscles. Plus, during exercise, as you know, produced hormones of happiness. You want to be not only beautiful, but also happy?

8. Dance

Learn to feel your body, express yourself,free the emotions inspired by fiery rhythms. It does not matter in the room you have one or not. By learning to like yourself, you will soon discover many new things!

9. Experiment with makeup

Let cosmetics be a minimum, but it is advantageous to accentuate the natural beauty. And do not forget the small but very alluring touch to your lips - gloss. Wet lips operate smoothly.

10. Know how to present yourself

Remember that studs are always relevant. Especially when you go to a confident gait. Watch your posture and facial expression. You must radiate confidence and charisma! When you live in harmony with each other - in a different way and can not be! Good luck!