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The words of this woman

The words of this woman

- Who said that I am far from perfect?!? This is far from the ideal of the poor ME !!!
- Well, what the wind in my head ?! But thoughts are always fresh ...
- To quit, to begin with I must take.
- Do you want breakfast in bed - sleep in the kitchen.
- I'll go to the left, or maybe go to the right. I'm - the queen, I am entitled to any move
- Where have you seen a cat that would care that it is referred to the mouse ??
- Bad character? Just I have it!
- Wait - see, I shall live - to learn, survive - uchtu
- I'm too wild to live, I was too rare to die !!!
- If you spit in my back, so I'm ahead of you!
- I can not be second ... And even the first ... I can only be a single ...
- I do not blame you, but just saying ... that you are to blame.
- What you do not understand you can make mean anything.
- I do not care what you think of me ... because I do not have to think.
- To save the angelic nature, you diabolical patience.
- Do I please men? The only question is whether a man like me.
- I live as it should be !!! And I put on everything !!!
- Myself, I love more than money, and money love more than the people around them.
- And you, and I will forget. You before!
- Do not tell me what to do and I can not tell you where you should go!
- Few know his own worth - must also be in demand.
- After leaving, you do not know that then you can not just come back.
- I have the simplest taste - I satisfied with the best!
- If you want me to be an angel - to organize a paradise for me!
- The perverse relationship is not seen. Did not have? No ... not noticed ...
- I'm not in love with themselves. Just like me.
- If I do not like me, then you have no taste.
- I'm too pretty to have a conscience
- Wait a second, wait a second, the crown will correct !!!
- If I'm ever going to die because of the men, it was only with laughter.
- If you dig a hole - do not bother. Finish - Made pool

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