Love and Relationships

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The principles of mutual relations with people

mirror principle. Before you judge the other, you should pay attention to yourself.

The principle of the top of the road. We are moving to a higher level, when we start to treat others better than they treat us.

Boomerang Principle. When we help others, we help ourselves.

sharing principle. Rather than put others in place, we have to put ourselves in their place.

Learning principle. Every person we meet has the potential to teach us something.

Charisma Principle. People are interested in the person who is interested in them.

Principle 10 points. Faith in the best quality people usually causes them to show their best qualities.

The principle of confrontation. You must first take care of people and then join with them in confrontation.

The principle of a stone cliff. Trust - is the foundation of any relationship.

elevator principle. In the course of the relationship, we can lift people up or lower down.

The principle of the situation. Never let the situation mean for you more than the relationship.

The principle of accessibility. Ease in relationships with ourselves helps others feel at ease with us.

The principle of agriculture. All relationships need to be cultivated.

The principle of 101 percent. To find the 1 percent, with which we agree, and to send him 100 percent of our effort.

The principle of patience. Travel along with the other must always slower than traveling alone.

celebration of principle. Authentication relationship is not only in how we are true friends, when they fail, and how much we are pleased when they succeed.

The principle of friendship. Ceteris paribus people will seek to work with those who are like them; ceteris unequal conditions, they will still do it.

The principle of cooperation. Working together increases the likelihood of the common victory.

satisfaction principle. The remarkable relationship between the parties for the pleasure simply to be together.