Love and Relationships

Stay feminine and desirable!

Stay feminine and desirable!

1. A woman in any situation should be a woman. Unfortunately, many of us forget about it. Our main drawback - it is excessive emotionality, which is evident when we put out. Very often in the heat of anger, we speak a lot of words, which later regret, when the anger subsided, and commit such acts for which is very often ashamed. Therefore, in any situation you need to learn to control himself. If you learn this, you will be very much to stand out against the background of all his friends.

2. Become a mystery to him, unread book he wants to read. Do not send your favorite SMS tear if it is not made itself felt a couple of days. You do not belong to the man at 100%. When a man realizes that the woman he is wholly owned and he can see it at any time of day or night, then lost all the romance: he can stay at work, meet up with friends instead of your meeting, he even forgets to cancel. And all because he knows that he should give him a call and priprosit sorry, you immediately rushed to his feet and forgive him.

3. Do not be afraid to lose your man, if you're afraid, very soon he will play you like a puppet. Show him that you and without a bunch of options how to spend this evening. And soon, the results will not keep you waiting.

4. Do not put down. Respect yourself. If the choice is between dignity and maintaining relations, always choose dignity. You do not need a man who does not respect you. In a very short time you will find a man who is really worthy of you.

5. Be available, disobedient. Do not settle on a date immediately, on an intimate relationship, even if the sight of him, you start pounding heart and podgibayutsya knees. The less you show interest, the more incensed.

6. You need to immediately show a man that you can not be a doormat, you are not a doormat, and the dream of many men. And if he does not understand, let them roll on all 4 sides, because in a very short time, he will realize that he lost.

7. Do not be a man for the mother. No need to take care of it too. It's no good will not. Men always have to feel like a man, and you will most likely need a brutal male, not a doormat, so allow him to make decisions, even if they then repent. But if not for the mogotu, do not forget the saying: & laquo; a man's head - a woman neck & raquo ;. Point your man, but so that he will know and not guess.

8. Do not talk to him with the first meetings of a serious relationship, it will scare any member of the opposite sex. Pretend that you do not want them as well as he is, even if you have a soul at these words, start to scrape the cat.

9. exudes confidence. Do not compare yourself with the other partner. This is silly. After all, you're probably much better than them if he left them to you. Think about it.

10. You have to look feminine and gentle, like rose of & laquo; The Little Prince & raquo ;, then your prince wants you to defend and protect a fragile flower. And you just need it then !!

11. Do not forget to make a compliment to the young man. Men love it oh how. He just can not stand, if you begin to whisper in his ear about what it was amazing, kind, gentle and strong.

12. Do not forget that you should always look at 100%. If you want to find a real prince, the POI should look like a princess. You should always be the perfect manicure, perfect figure, perfect makeup. And then no one man can stand in front of you.

13. And finally, love yourself and you will love. If a woman loves himself and take himself with dignity, and that men will treat it accordingly.