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Some women are addicted to makeup

A study conducted by experts,It found that half of the women surveyed are dissatisfied with the way their face looks without makeup. According MedDaily, face without makeup for many women due to the unattractive. Thus, they simply refused to see themselves without the "war paint".

Some women are addicted to makeup

Thus, 44% of the 1292 respondents said that badassess themselves, if not dyed. Moreover, 16% of them believe they are unattractive without makeup. 14% felt themselves "naked", and another 14% hesitated to go out without make-up.

In addition, it was found that 25% of respondents have started to apply cosmetic products at the age of 13 years and younger.

After evaluating the results, the experts expressed an unhealthy attitude towards cosmetics in society. In their view, this behavior may be the first step to more serious problems, including eating disorders.

According to Adrian Resler of Renfrew Center Foundation, cosmetics for modern women has become a means of self-defense, hiding dissatisfaction and low self-esteem.