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Secrets of Happy Couples

Secrets of Happy Couples

Studies in the UK have shown that couples who are able to maintain long-term relationship, have five specific qualities.

In the business sector, as well as education, there is the so-called principle of continuous self-improvement. He says that if something is not currently improving, then in fact it is already in decline.

Accordingly, the company's management or teachernever stop on the assessment of "good", namely to "strive to do even better." It would be nice to apply this principle to the relationship between man and woman. Because continuous improvement ensures that we do not take each other for granted, and to see the value and uniqueness of each other for many years. How to achieve this goal?

So, happy couples:

1. Find time for each other

They have a ritual of spending time together. Let it be even something mundane. For example, one hour after dinner, after work, but every night. Or walk the dog every Saturday. But this time they spend together only he and she.

Compliance with such a ritual - the contribution of both of you instrengthening of relations. Sometimes a couple who have a habit of spending time together at the beginning of the relationship, it is gradually losing, especially when there are claims to each other.

We think that once everything is not so good, andcut out mandatory time for sharing Activity is somehow illogical. But it only seems. The less we communicate in private, so there is a growing lack of understanding of each other.

2. They have a lot of laughs together

They are able to "dissolve" the contentious issues in the joke. Psychologists recommend especially couples attend events where you can laugh together.

3. They take care of each other in the details, show each other love and gratitude.

And do not fear that, after many years of marriagelife romantic declarations look like something artificial, it is not necessary to thank her husband for what he brought garbage, because it is, and so its direct obligation that is not helping his wife to prepare dinner after she tired came home from work because it is only women's work. Thus, both partners have no sense that they are perceived as something ordinary and taken for granted.

4. Quickly find compromises.

Do not bring disputes to the point, until someone is a winner, and someone a loser.

5. Successful in love couples allow each other to be different from each other and give each other the freedom to grow.

Even if the latter involves spending time alone.