Love and Relationships

Meaning poses during sleep

Psychologists believe that the posture that a man and aWoman taking in a dream, can tell a lot about their relationship. Do you relate to each other in a dream, or vice versa, turn your back to each other - all this shows your feelings. We suggest you check out this gippotezu.

Meaning poses during sleep

1. Back to back

Couples who often sleep in this position,touching bodies, they are very fond of their independence, but still have a strong sexual attraction to each other. They prefer an open relationship, but to live without each other can not.

2. Pose spoon

When the couple prefers to sleep in this position - it indicates that one of the partners feels his superiority over the other. This is manifested in all spheres of life together.

3. Strong arms

Scientists say that this posture passionate people who can not let each other out of the embrace, even in a dream. She talks about the strong feelings and mutual love.

4. Pose detachment

Couples who sleep for all time never touch each other and sleep apart, as it were, most likely, have difficulties in relationships or quarreled.

Yet, we should not treat this theory too seriously. Other experts believe that during sleep posture is a habit and not an individual should pay great attention to how you sleep.