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And this love may even be unhappy. But that unrequited love can be an incentive for a career, find mostly women. But that happy enamored career should go up, men and women of practical solidarity.

Love helps career

According to poll results, undividedfeeling "unsettling and distracting from the work," which in turn "adversely affects the career" - convinced of this, almost half (45%) of men and only 36% of the fair sex.

Opinions that unrequited love can bean incentive for career advancement, often hold women (40%). It is their test with stress often makes the head dive into work and to be treated by an unhappy love affair, "occupational therapy - an effective means of dealing with emotional experiences." Men agree with this opinion much less - only 25% of cases.

also interesting that more men than women on the career of the impact of a broken heart chose the answer "difficult to answer" and "no effect".

But that happy enamored career should go up, men and women of practical solidarity.
"There inspiration and consequently there is a desirework to do "; "Reliable rear, good second half - half of success in life!" - Says the men (63%), which is mutual love helped move up the career ladder. Separated by a feeling of "inspires", "gives strength to live and be happy," "gives confidence in all your endeavors, including work" - are convinced 59% of women share that opinion.

In that happy love has no effect on his career, sure 15% of respondents (the figure for men and women is the same): "A man is happy, he does not need a change, and it remains in place."

Love, even happy, moreimpedes the progress of the service, according to 13% of men and 17% women: "You always want to be with loved ones, which work here?"; "The mutual love of relaxes a person. He falls into a state of near euphoria. The man is not thinking about work. Conclusion - either work or love "!