Love and Relationships

Love - a wonderful light feeling, which is not to turn into a mad, morbid obsession.

Love - a wonderful light feeling, which is not to turn into a mad, morbid obsession.

Love - a wonderful light feeling. But often it is a wonderful feeling turns into insane, morbid obsession, from which man would soon be run without looking back. Why this happens and how to avoid it?

For love, as well as for the birds, it is necessary not only to nest, but also heaven.
E. Panteleev

Finally, near the man of your dreams! Here it is happiness! You forget about everything, he is the only ray of light in my life, everything else goes by the wayside. It was then, and begin a big problem! Why?

1. As soon as a man feels your participation in all that he did, it's starting to annoy him. Because it opened nature. Each person should have their own world. Yes Yes! A world without you! More precisely, he has a private space in addition to you. And that's fine. He has his own ideas, their interests, hobbies, dreams, which he does not want to share with anyone. And you - not the exception. So, rather than to pursue it even in dreams, it is worth remembering that you and before him there was a range of interests, desires, and dreams. And destroy it all, completely given track down your partner, you will stop soon to be a person. That person, the woman he loved.

Conclusion: do not dwell on his thoughts, deeds, dreams. But to realize its. If you feel that you have absorbed only the world that live in his life, it's time to say, "Stop." Think about it - you and a person of interest, not having their own beliefs, interests and principles?

2. If you go after him with a bib, constantly inquiring whether he then call without interruption to need the phone, asking about his mood and well-being - better give birth to a child. Mothering soon tired man. And he begins to look for love. No maternal and feminine.

Conclusion: do not forget that he had long since grown up. And able to take care of myself. Excess obsessive concern - one hundred percent guarantee that the relationship will deteriorate. He will look for passion and love on the side and come home only to sample your culinary delights and change his shirt. Therefore, it is not necessary to go too far. Allow him and take care of you.

3. If you love him so much that even allow yourself to humiliate and hurt, all suffer, so long as he was there ... most likely he will leave up to you. Men need a woman, respecting yourself, knowing his own worth. Personality! And not the "boy a whipping." Wild jealousy are also classified under this item. Since the constant jealousy - a sign of your low self-esteem.

Conclusion:: Stay individual, interesting and active man, not only for others, but for him, and for himself. And never let go over the border for fear of losing him. If you yourself do not respect and love, then you have no one to love will not. Male or stop you noticing or leave.

4. This point follows from the previous one. You're doing it, and he does not pay attention to you for it. From this you will suffer, cry, in the worst case occurs depression.

Conclusion: People are constantly gloomy adhering to their claims, just angry. How long can you survive with such a person? It is only a matter of time.

So, let's get it over with mad love. Otherwise, you simply "kill" his love and passion. You is You, It's Him. You love him, he's you. And do not try to replace the concept. He would never think and feel, like you and you like him.

Because you two are completely different, although in love with each other, the individual!