Love and Relationships


"Jealous - means love" - ​​it is truestatement? Easy jealousy, of course, pleasant woman. She makes it clear that the partner is not indifferent to her. I wonder how to jealousy on the part of the men are fair sex? asked to give an answer to this question is one of the representatives of a strong half of mankind.


You will likely often thought about what qualities a spouse (or young person) you do not like. And certainly one of these qualities - jealousy.

Thorough or wrongly - it does notvalue. The main thing - that zeal for you - an indicator of confidence partner. And there is a feeling that you were his property, and therefore should behave just the way he wants it.

But there are those whose lives are without jealousy fades, those that do not represent the relationship without jealousy. So maybe, jealousy - is the "glue" that allows many couples do not leave?

Why are we jealous?

You do not like it when a man is jealous of you? Then there is more than a logical question: "Why do you do the same?" Are you jealous of his on any occasion: it received SMS from unknown woman, then stayed late at work or back home with classmates meetings, etc...

Double standards, inferiority complex,property? It seems more likely, both. Jealousy - it is the feeling that, on the one hand, do not like to both partners. On the other hand, its absence raises the question: "Does he love (she) me, if not jealous?"

In other words, we get caught in a dilemma: Can there be love without jealousy and whether jealousy component of love? And, accordingly, is not jealous restriction of freedom, the feeling that undermines confidence between the spouses or partners?

So, what is jealousy in love? Based on the standard definitions, the jealousy - a passionate incredulity nagging doubt in anyone's fidelity in love and total devotion.

Translated into more understandable language - is the basic fear to feel less attractive, less intelligent, less desirable than a potential rival.

In other words, the root cause of jealousy - isdiffidence. And at first you give it as a joke, but eventually turns into jealousy way to keep love (as said woman) or man (as it actually is).

Accordingly, it may relate to the jealousyMan? I think the answer here is obvious. On the one hand, jealousy on the part of women means that he cared about her, he can not fail to please. On the other hand, it is a sign of mistrust. Togo, that she was afraid that the man can seduce and "away" from her the other woman.

When jealousy - an essential component of love.

1. A man pleasant female jealousy

This man - a typical "sissy." He needs a woman to take care of it about the same as the mother. Jealousy on the part of the excitement is for him.

Previously, he reported to her mother why he returnedfrom school discos or an hour later, but now to explain their delay in the work, he will be his wife, and to listen to her inner satisfaction morality. It's a moral masochism, without which his life would be incomplete.

If you met and fell in love with such a man, remember that without jealousy you do not hold. He will think that you do not love him, and his mother will advise you to look for a replacement.

2. Jealousy for men - a necessary component of love

A man of this type is prone to stereotypethinking. It is somewhat similar to the previous type, but my mother in his life no longer plays such a huge role, and now, her stuffed MC about family life, he chooses a life partner faithful woman.

He's calling you when you are late for 15 minutes, and be sure to notify the delays at work.

At the same time, it is unclear to him nojealousy on your part when he returns home after midnight from a corporate party. Or when you do not tell him, "You see, I do not change it!", Collecting it on a business trip.

"Jealous - means love" - ​​that his life motto. And God forbid you to change him - he will never forgive.

When jealousy undesirable

3. Man can not stand jealousy

This freedom-loving and proud man. For him the relationship is built on mutual trust, he did not even consider it necessary to tell you about all my friends, that he was doing after work today. And all because he trusts you, he believes that you trust him, but because in these reports does not make sense.

Jealousy for him - a sign of mistrust and fear. This man believes that marriage excludes treason, because he gave the oath of allegiance - and he always keeps his word.

And if you doubt this, then you do not need him. Especially
That he is not jealous of you, and only asks to get home from a night club in a taxi rather than use the "privateers" services.

Do not try to be jealous of such a man! Give him the freedom - and believe me, he does not overdo it.

4. Jealousy for men - a sign of weakness woman

This is a man-Orthodox, who believes thatwoman - a weak creature, requiring male protection. Therefore, a woman should be afraid of losing it. And, as a consequence, be jealous of potential rivals. After all, what she would do if your life paths diverge?

Therefore, it is alarming lack of jealousy. Maybe you have someone else? Or - oh, horror! - You are not a weak woman, not that he needs? It is difficult to understand, so it may well be.

Is it worth it to live with such a man? It's up to you. But if you choose it, then try to play along, even if it does not give cause for jealousy. However, it can always be found if desired.

Can a man be afraid of jealousy?

5. Man is afraid of a woman who is jealous

This man, who is also not sure of himself asand a woman. But excessive distrust of you do not understand it. He wants us to trust him, despite all its shortcomings, to be loved and respected.

He is afraid of jealousy. Moreover, he is afraid of a woman who is jealous. True, he may have to be jealous, as though afraid of losing. So if the choice is a kind of character, you have to put up with it.


Summing up, we will ask a simple question: "What can be achieved with jealousy?" Generally speaking, you absolutely no good. Indeed, in most cases, if a man and need to jealousy, then, rather theatrical than real. So you need to be tricky, if you really so jealous character.

The main thing - remember: If a man wants to change you - jealousy did not hold. On the contrary, it will push him further to commit adultery. So if you suspect that the restrictions are going or already "went to the left," not to make a scene.

Think about what you do or do not, get yourself, be the woman with whom he wants to link their fate - and he even think about infidelity will not.