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It is necessary to choose a chief, not a job!

Do you think that your career depends entirely on your professionalism, activity and other personal qualities?
But the very important role played by the identity of the person under whose guidance you work. Maybe we really have to choose does not work, and the chief!

It is necessary to choose a chief, not a job!

Before deciding on employment would be nice to meet future boss, collect the information about it.
It is worth considering what you want and then you can get from this company and what effect does your immediate supervisor.
Try to develop the right relationship with the leader. After all, in the labor market we present himself as a seller of services and our cost mainly depends on our immediate superior.

The degree of satisfaction with whom youvzaimodeystvuesh determines your status in the organization and the level of wages. Let us remember that on the job, our main customer -Our chef. And if you are convinced that the bosses at work - a natural disaster, then your days are there in the heavy and bleak, and growth prospects are likely not anticipated.

If you build a good relationship with the head, then you will open many ways.
The main thing - to understand the rules of the game to learn - thatgood and bad in this company. Even if you are doing something differently and think on previous work, that some things are done incorrectly - it does not matter. You will be judged on their own criteria and if you are going to move up the career ladder, it is important to get on the wave of the chief, to understand its expectations of you and your work in the company.