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Interesting facts about weight loss.

Interesting facts about weight loss.

Just the facts.

In 45% of slimming already underweight.

Contrary to the popular representation of the full and thin people generally eat about the same.

There is only 5% of women, a figure which may correspond to a coffee samples without damage to health.

Women are 10 times more often than men, are dissatisfied with their body. This dissatisfaction affects 90% of women; 89% would like to lose weight; 80% have already sat on a diet to 18 years of age.

Nature against.

Subject to the same diet Malelose weight twice as fast as a woman. By the way, the representatives of the stronger sex are gaining weight slowly. The reason is that in the women's metabolism involved hormones that prepare the body for pregnancy and childbirth. And when a woman begins to starve, include replacement reserves in her body and is deposited fat.

Dining in bright light.

A group of German researchers, nutritionists, studyingthe likelihood of harm to a late dinner, came to a surprising conclusion. The fact that conventional lighting affects the number of food eaten. The darkness hides not only tired eyes and wrinkles, but also the size of portions and relaxed, you can eat a lot more than we usually allow ourselves.


According to experts, in 15 minutes of intensejumping rope burns as many calories as an hour aerobics. At the same time your hips and buttocks make a beautiful shape. If you give preference to the gym with a rope, then:

- Improves blood circulation in your
- Increases the overall body tone
- The load is on the female problem areas (muscles of the buttocks and thighs)
- Rhythmic exercise uplifting

Flirt burns calories.

Ladies spend on grooming more energy,than men. Such a conclusion was made by Colombian biologists during surveys conducted among the residents of 17 countries. Women during the laying makeup spend 9.5 kilocalories per minute, while the morning toilet in love with a man robs him only 7.9 calories per minute. In addition, women in visual contact with your chosen consume 11 kilocalories per minute, while men only 3. But only men burn more energy when women are invited to a meeting, - the ratio of the energy spent 25 to 8.

You get fat? Go to the dentist!

Recent studies show that people,who suffer from diseases of the oral cavity, including teeth diseases, gaining weight is 2 times faster than those who rarely refers to the dentist. This is due to the fact that food is chewed well enough, and the digestive process is lengthened.

Age of harmony.

According to statistics, a dietitian for help address most women aged 30 to 45 years. The reason is simple: it is completely formed, and calorie consumption is not reduced.

If you really want, you can!

There are situations when the person hasinexplicable desire to eat any product. In such a case should never deny yourself. All these desires ulterior motive! For example, a craving for lemon talking about possible problems with the gall bladder and liver, irrepressible passion for cabbage indicates a problem in the gut, and a big fan of olives should pay attention to the state of the thyroid gland. Avid "Iceman" lack of calcium and amino acids. A "Yabloko" can have a variety of heart problems.

How much fat hatched?

Scientists have found that fat men are sitting in the middle2.5 hours longer than lean people. Such gatherings bring daily about 350 empty calories, which are transformed into 15 kilograms of excess weight.