Love and Relationships

Do not waste time!

By getting rid of unwanted habits and traditional hanging out, you realize that you have become a lot more free time, which you can spend wisely.

Do not waste time!

1. Time wasted: the "traditional" meeting with school friends

The fact that you were in the school at the same deskIt does not mean that finding a common language will be easy now. Of course, the genetic engineer and conductor find common ground after a few beers, but do you need it?

2. wasted time secular news

If you PR-manager of another "secular divas", thenallowed you to continue reading the secular news. In all other cases, the ending is a thankless job. From the fact that you never know who slept with Pugachev, worse than you definitely will not.

3. Time wasted: jams and queues

Many people buy a car in the hope thattraffic they will have time to think. Hell no. Within an hour of standing in a traffic jam, everything that you think is "how much can you hang around here?". The situation is similar with the queue at the supermarket. On foot or on the subway, in most cases, you can get to your destination faster than by car, and a huge supermarket with two operating cash registers traded for deli under the house.

4. Time wasted: cocktail "champagne + vodka", "beer + port"

In the morning you wake up with a "square" head, and well, if at home (or at least with a phone and a purse). Terrible hangover, and remember nothing. And it's worth it?

5. Time wasted: remorse

You can for a long time to remind ourselves of his laziness, dullness and loneliness, but you can stand up and change something in their lives.

6. Time wasted: the expectation of increase

If you long to raise wages or do not givepremium, there are two options: 1. You should find the boss who appreciate your work, 2. Head is to find an employee who deserves the award.

7. Time wasted: a trip to the mall without a goal

If you go to the mall "somethingkeep an eye "on the future, get ready for what you get back home with a bunch of shopping without money. If you need a toothbrush, it is not necessary for her to go to a large shopping center.

8. Time wasted: the news about the political situation in the country

9. Time wasted: the relationship with a bad girl / boyfriend

Such relationships are in most cases if you do not run out drama and scandal, then, at least, a break. Think about it, if sex is your nerves, health and SMS with curses.

10. Time is wasted, "the best Russian blockbuster"