Love and Relationships

A friend of her husband, whether it is real?

What do not you say a man of friendship withwoman, they all recognize the one undeniable nuance of these relations - between opposite-sex friends is bound to have sympathy, but if you dig deeper, it becomes clear that the basis of sympathy lies almost always sexual interest.

No wonder Bismarck wrote: Friendship between a man and a woman is very weakened at nightfall. Girls in men are different, it may be a classmate, a former passion, an employee with whom he works or has worked once. Usually relationships with these women are supported for a long time, because people are spiritually close and, of course, mutual sympathy there.

Perhaps the most "unpleasant" friendship for womenall of the above is a friendship with an ex lover. Such friendship is found, thank God, not often, but unfortunately, if it is - brings a lot of anxiety woman. Typically, a man with a former lover have very good memories, he told her, as a rule, can trust that you will not trust even. Most worryingly, despite his assurances, sexual desire, still remains to the former mistress.

In this case, you need to remain calm andtry to get to know the mysterious girlfriend. Tantrums and did not give ultimatums - will tell you that no one no one sees, and does not make friends, but in fact your better half will maintain these relationships. Therefore, in order not to be deceived, it is better to show an interest in her friend and her husband were introduced to the conclusion - it is a rival to you or not.

The most common feelings are in vain, the exlover has long has its own life and your relationship with your man for it are extremely hail-fellow character. But be that as it may, you have to be present in the relationship, do not let your man to spend time alone with his girlfriend. If a friend is lonely, and she asks you to help the faithful to carry the things to the country or to nail a shelf, do not start a scandal, but simply to offer and to help too.

This is absolutely normal, if you come tofriend together with her man. If he has nothing to hide and he's really only one, it should not be too much to resist your presence. If, however, you will see that the former lover builds his eyes and tries to seduce him - there is quite rightly You can throw a tantrum, and the reason why you are opposed to this dialogue, as the saying is true "face" of this friendship you have seen with your own eyes!

There is another rather "unpleasant" kindgirlfriends girlfriends is that men decide to regret after leaving. The story is quite banal, she loved him madly, he lost interest in it and threw it, offering to remain friends. Now he has to maintain a relationship with her because of his gnawing sense of guilt.

In fact, this friendship is harmless and it is longIt will not last, so do not spoil the nerves. Abandoned woman will hook or by crook trying to get her lover back, all these "manipulations" in the end, would get your favorite, and he had no regrets send annoying friend far away. Quite simply, the man is unlikely to maintain a lasting relationship with a woman who does not cause him any emotion except pity.

Another type of girlfriends - a childhood friend. To this Madame he played in the same sandbox, then they went to a kindergarten attended the same school and can even be in the same class. He can spend hours with her tryndet phone, choose your gifts, motayas shopping, ask her advice, which you surprise, etc. etc.

You increasingly overcome by jealousy and anger, and youmyself ponder why those two do not merge, since they are so well together? But your pious claims that she told him, as a sister and nothing more. This is a fairly complex case, when people have years and their friendship tested by time - to try to break this relationship is simply useless. You only ruin your own. In this case, it makes sense to do as Napoleon Bonaparte: If you can not defeat the enemy - make him a friend.

In this scenario, satisfied, remain all. You will not be the cause of discord between friends, beloved girlfriend will always be on your mind, and your beloved will appreciate this noble act on your part. And now a few tips on how to recognize a friend in a lover.

The first alarming sign for you must serve as a partner reluctance to acquaint you with his girlfriend. Every time he comes up with something new, so God forbid, this meeting did not take place.

The second "beacon" - he always avoids talking about it, you're trying to ask about their relationship, as well as where they met, her marital status as her l

It is and so on, but nothing intelligible in response to not receiving. On the contrary, he tries to get away from this conversation. Only one conclusion - he has something to hide.

Also, you should alert the fact that anychat with her, he carefully hides from you. Whether it's a phone call, SMS-ka, a meeting - he tries not to advertise, and if you have something to learn, something completely random. If it is just a friendship, then talk to her on the phone, he can and in your presence, it should not hide the cell phone that you do not, God forbid not read the sms-ku on it and even more so it does not have to meet her secretly.

All these factors are disturbing signals, andyou have to wisdom and patience. Insist on getting acquainted motivate their desire to get to know that you are interested to see such a significant for your human male. What you also want to be her friend, you do not mind that she appeared in your house, etc. Make right conclusions about this friendship is possible only when he saw the woman and talk to her.

If your man starts to reproach you that youinfringing on his freedom to motivate his desire to meet with a friend so that you are just interested in it as a man. Let him call you at least one good reason why he can not introduce you to her. And finally ... your men will not have any girlfriends, if you are able to become his true and best friend. After all, friendship can do without love, but love without friendship - never!