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She always wanted to "do" a career, to getprestigious and high-paying jobs. Therefore, when neither spared no effort and time on your favorite job. To his 25 years it has served as a leading sales manager one of the largest companies in the city. The 26 received a boost ... and lay down in hospital with the diagnosis - a nervous breakdown that resulted in complete exhaustion.


Similar situations in the world today is not uncommon. Scientists attribute this to the development of high technology and a sharp increase in professional competition. The generation of today's young people aged 20 - 35 years aimed at rapid progress up the career ladder, for which
they are willing to sacrifice a lot, includingown health. And managers particularly appreciate the workaholics. After all, they carry 80 percent of the firm's work and reputation for being at the same time extremely hard-working and valuable human resources.

- Many people tend to perceive how workaholismpositive worker quality. But do not confuse this concept with the work ethic - explains psychologist Tamara Lobachyova. - To distinguish them is quite simple: it all depends on the degree of processing. Many workaholics, oddly enough, do not like their jobs, and often refer to it as a dependence from which hard to get rid of their own. So workaholism can be considered as a disease.

As with any disease, there are a number from workaholismits symptoms. Chief among them - the constant recycling, or just a habit to sit up on the job. And true workaholic not only willing to work 14 hours a day, but also to fulfill the functions of several employees at once. Festive days of potential patients are not held in a narrow circle of friends, and in his own office at the computer, developing another project. In addition to irregular working hours, workaholics
always willing to take work home, and the notion of "lunch break" for them does not exist.

- As I was able to figure out on your ownpractice, workaholic is almost impossible to go on vacation, - says the psychologist. - Their biological clock is no longer perceive free time. Such cases entail serious diseases, which is - depending on the type of workaholic.

Thoroughbred workaholic

In order to determine the kind of workaholic, needunderstand - a true or false it is. A true workaholic rarely complains of increased workload and work sincerely believes his life's work, including such real workaholics experts distinguish two types:

Active throughout the
Perhaps the safest kind of workaholism. These workaholics successfully combine work activities with recreational activities and even personal life. They are willing to spend all the forces at work, but only within a limited time.
- In such workers the bosses can besure 100 percent. Work nihstil for life, so they are always fresh and healthy. Each such employee for certain is his hobby and friendly company, with which he regularly communicates.
However, if the force of the worker to engage in routine, it can lead not only
a significant reduction in its activity, but also make him a deep depression,
- Warns Tamara Lobachyova.

Such a person is working not so much for the development of native companies, as for the sake of their own
purposes: buying a car or an apartment, help relatives or children. It is for this he is ready
to work without sleep for 20 hours a day, and are constantly striving to increase the quality of their work and as a consequence, to increase earnings.
- Usually, such employees workaholism ends as soon as the purpose of the work is fully achieved, - says the psychologist. - But it is not rare that, having carried out a cherished goal, the worker immediately
He finds another. This circular process, and with each new turnover rate increases. After all the work and material benefits that it entails, become manic dependence, which leads to severe nervous breakdowns.


For false workaholic job is, primarily, an occasion to escape from real life
outside the workplace. Not implemented in their personal lives, such people are struggling to make it in the professional life. Once they succeed, they will immediately associate their problems with increased employment and a huge amount of work.

These people usually do not have a familya life. Even if the second half they are prepared to sit overnight at work. And all because that communication with loved ones makes him a lot of negative emotions. At work, as such employees feel independent and secure.
- Lonely workaholics are trying to hide from excessive control or pressure close behind walls
office. But they do not realize that the same
they can simply burn out soon on the pace miworkplace - says Tamara Lobacheva.- Plus, the quality of such workers often "lame", because even at the thought of their busy personal problems.

Such an employee appear to work for a couple of minutes before the authorities and begins to vigorously represent the
employment. At the end of the day the boss sees him sitting at his desk in the piles of papers and perfectly
exhausted. Although the product of the work of the lzhetrudogolika not is of good quality, he describes it on lack of time.
- This type of visible associated with workaholismdesire employee without much effort to move up the career ladder, - says the psychologist. - This behavior, of course, does not entail the emergence of diseases, but also to the new position ostentatious workaholic better not count.

The main thing is what is missing such an employee -experience and knowledge. It is for this reason that he is willing to all my free time in the service. The desire to bring success to the enterprise and good to show themselves before the authorities become for him a kind of idea of ​​"fix."
- Newbie is constantly in a state oflow stress. He feels that it is necessary to make a mistake once, and he was immediately fired, - commented Tamara Lobachyova. - This type of workaholism usually resolves by itself, is the main remedy is time.