Who are you?

Who are you?
- Angel.
- How did you get in?
- Do not like, and why. I came for you.
- What, already? So early? Why???
- Stupid question. Just your time has come and all.
- But I do not want!!! I have so many did!
- What exactly? - Asked Angel, sitting down on a chair.

Who are you?

- I had to increase after the New Year! I wanted to buy an apartment, a new car, I wanted to go to India! I had so many plans !!!
- Nonsense. All your material dreams are valid only in your material world. When your soul leaves the body, you will forget about them forever.
- But I do not want to die so soon !!! Maybe you Will you come later, eh? Maybe you can somehow negotiate with those who are there in the sky? I ... I stop smoking! I swear!
- Do not try to bargain with me, man! - He looked sternly at him Angel.
- Oh please!!!!!! I'm afraid! I do not want!
- You never want to and are always afraid. But do not you realize that sooner or later it will still have to do? Even if I come to you in a hundred years, you will still never be ready!
- But what will become of me? I have sinned!
- Do you think that this applies to me? It's your right. Free will. Previously, it was necessary to think about!
- I was going to ... but I did not know that I would die so early!
- Ha-ha! What are you people, fun! - Angel took off his cloak and spread his wings. - Come on!
- No! I'm not going anywhere! I, I do not even have time to start a family! I do not have kids !!!
- Correctly! Because you, even your other half is not found!
- I did not make it in time!
- You're not trying! - The angel said contemptuously.
- I, God did not send.
- You did not ask him about it! - Angel's eyes flashed.
- Did have to ask? I did not know!
- Stop clowning around! The day before yesterday you asked God to stop time, to have time for a meeting! Really important meeting of your destiny?
- You're right, I'm a fool! But I can still be corrected! I can not die like this, without even having to get married, have children!
- How are your priorities have changed dramatically! First there was the car, India, and now the family, children - Angel grinned.
- But you do agree that this is important?
- Yes, I agree. But what if you did not find your half? What then?
- Found! I'm sure! I will look for!
- I doubt it! You do not see beyond their own noses! Your whole life will be held in a fruitless search. You will wander through the girls trying to find their half, where it can not be! In the end, you be disappointed in life, sopeshsya, you turn away from friends, you earn
Statement disease, and you will curse the day he was born.
- Oh my God!!!
- Stop mention his name out loud! - Stamped Angel.
- I'm sorry, but what can I do?
- When a person is lost, he returns back to the place where he went in the wrong direction to find the right way - said the angel, watching the dance of snowflakes outside the window.
- Right! I'll do that! I understood!!!
- Really?
- Yes, I'll be back to where he was happy! You know, because I loved once. Her name was ... We met at the Institute! She had such beautiful dark hair and eyes full of tenderness, strength and wisdom. During her many guys ran! But she chose me. She said that in love at first sight.

We often went to the lectures in the park, cafe,library and kissed for hours and no one else we would not need it! And when I once broke his arm, she took care of me. It was unforgettable! When I had problems, I always knew that I could only rely on her, even just telling her everything - I felt better already! Then everything changed between us, or just at the very moment we do not have the courage to take up arms and resist all and all, but instead we parted forever! So silly parted, like a child. But I still remember as promised to love her always, and that's the most sad - I still love her! We often call back first, and then somehow everything began to turn. I've got a life of its own, she has her own! I wonder how she's doing? Probably she married a long time and met a man who adores her, praised her and all the things that she is ready to do for a loved one. She's such a beauty! You know, I'd like to call her. Just to say hello, how are you to know, congratulations on coming! I'll call her right now, okay? But the room was empty ...