When you chosen your older

When you chosen your older

You have an affair with a man older than 20 years, and you do notyou can understand what to do with your feelings, how perceive your novel around, look at how the parents and what will happen to your love in the future? In this article we will try to answer all your questions. And perhaps dispel your doubts.

Myth 1. The romance between young girls and older men - a rarity.
In fact, look around, and you will realize thatthis is not so. Many of the surveyed men romance with a girl younger than himself for fifteen to twenty years, it seems quite possible. The age difference, of course, leaves its mark on your relationship. But, by and large, your novel is no different from the novel with a peer. There are male and female, and they like each other. That's the main thing.

Myth 2. It will always see you as a little girl.
In fact it is so, because, no matter howanyway, you are younger than him. But is it bad? The woman has to be something of a child, and your youth, carelessness give your relationship a special piquancy. And the fact that he will treat you like a little girl, does not mean that it will not take you seriously. Perhaps the older man of 20 years due to their age and experience, he will not always agree with your opinion, but if your relationships become serious, it will take account of it.

Myth 3.Roditeli will oppose your relationship
In fact, many parents dream abouttheir daughter married adult, complex and wealthy man. Maybe at first they will be surprised and maybe even will object, but you will see, they will soon appreciate your chosen on merit. If the tangible advantages and the truth is. In any case, they will have to come to terms with your choice because it is your life, and only you can decide who you be.

Myth 4. Public opinion is not on your side.
In fact, people are only interested in what is due to them directly. In everything else they just do not care. And your relationships concern only you and him, and the others do not have to have any work.

Myth 5: You do not understand your friends.
In fact, your friends will be slightlyashamed of your cavalier. They need time to accept this man. A man older than 20 years - and you, and your friends will just get bored in your company, because by virtue of the same age difference you have different tastes, interests and hobbies. But you love him and you know, and the world is interesting to you. But your friends do not need to delve into his world, enough so that they remained neutral. But you have all the chances to perfectly fit into his company. If you are dear to him, it will help you get started in the circle of his friends. You can learn a lot of new things from communicating with them. So it will not be bored.

Myth 6. A man older than 20 years, will teach you and remake in their own way.
In fact, he can certainly slip upcommonplace notations, but not because he is older than you. Most likely, in which case it would be just boring, and this will agree, age has nothing to do. With age, people just realize that remodel the whole of humanity and in particular, a favorite - it is hopeless and no good does not usually result. No one is immune from domestic inconsistencies. If you begin to live together, you both have to compromise to life and its associated habits do not spoil your relationship. But it is unlikely he will pretend to turn over your whole personal world upside down. And by the way, will be grateful to you, if you will not try to turn his own world.

Myth 7. Your female flirting he considers just ridiculous or stupid.
In fact, any guy can elevate you tolaugh if you tell him not sunk into the soul, and if he is also poorly educated. And it's not the age. Flirt - is always a game, and, as in any game, it has a share of the risk. But at the same time, men often suffer from complexes, and their heads are crammed with prejudices, so they just do not know how to approach a girl he liked. And they too are afraid of being rejected. Innocent flirting can help you show that you do not mind to engage with them novel. And if you came to his taste, he will only be grateful for your help.

Myth 8. Next to the adult man you can feel like a real princess.
In fact, in most cases, and it happens. After all, he already knows that the girl shake hands when leaving the vehicle that are holding the door in front of the girl and so gave
her. He knows how to be chivalrous, unlike most of your peers who only have to learn it. Therefore, it is your chance to feel like a real lady.

Myth 9. Gaining a man older than himself forever impossible.
In fact, we can not look into the future, andno one can guarantee that everything will be exactly as we want it. He can throw you, you can throw it. From this it is not insured and peers, and perhaps you have already had occasion to see this. And you can live happily ever after, like in a fairy tale, because in a year, a month, or a minute, you will realize that you - the two halves of the same whole, that you each other's fate, and that love - is not just a word of six letters. But does this have anything to do with your age? Love and age have nothing in common.