What products can not be excluded from the diet, so as not to spoil the hair during a diet

Like most accurately determine whether secured, yourthe body with minerals? Make the spectral analysis of hair. They record all changes to your diet, so you can up to days to determine exactly when you were sitting on a diet.

What products can not be excluded from the diet, so as not to spoil the hair during a diet

What you need to your hair

1. The silicon and iron. Your hair can attest not only to the duration of the diet, but also its character. For example, if you stick to the traditions of strict vegetarianism, they will miss the silicon, and iron. The first element, despite its wide distribution in nature, practically not absorbed in the absence of animal protein, so the outer protective layer of the hair becomes thinner, and he easily breaks off. And iron deficiency - are cut the hair ends.

2. Copper. If you do not like seafood, avoiding eggs and nuts - is due to a lack of copper in the body hair can lose elasticity and become unruly.

3. Zinc. If the foundation of your diet are dairy dishes - be prepared for the fact that the hair will grow slowly, because in this case you have your hands on 50% digestibility blokiruesh another vital element to them - zinc.

The dangerous rigid diet

But that's not all! The greatest danger lies in the "super-fast" diets. Severe restrictions on food - this is a serious stress for the whole organism, and the signal to the redistribution of nutrients. If they are fed at least - they are spent to ensure the basic needs of the body, hair growth such, sadly, is not. Therefore, those hairs that at the time of the diet in the growth phase, simply stop growing.

At the same time bomb "triggered" not once, but only3-4 months later. Count itself: on average, from the time when hair ceases to grow, and to complete loss of "related" links to its "base" - follicle takes about 100 days. Do not forget that it will be added to the hair, which were to fall at the same time, according to its own "schedule"! Really it is necessary to choose between the beautiful hair and slim figure? Not at all. Lose weight can and should be, but with the mind.

What products can not be excluded from the diet

There are a number of foods that can not be excluded under pain of baldness. This is a minimum standard that will provide your body with sufficient vitamins and minerals:

• Olive Oil (sunflower) - 1 tbsp. tablespoon per day;
• seafood (fish, seaweed) - 500-700 g per week;
• Nuts (any) - 1 tbsp. tablespoon per day;
• meat - 500-700 g per week;
• oatmeal (millet porridge) - half a cup a day;
• green vegetables (broccoli, peppers) - 100-200 g per day;
• fresh / dried fruit - 100/200 g per day;
• cottage cheese - 100 grams per day;
• liver (beef), blood sausage - 50 grams per day.