What juices are useful?

What juices are useful?

Many believe that any juice is important for health. But the difference between "good" and "bad" juice is enormous. Drinking first we get the necessary vitamins and minerals without side effects. And consuming the second exit for the benefit of for the organism, comparable to chocolate bars. We bring you the review of the impact on health of various juices.

1. Vegetable juice
Squeezing it, you are helping your communityinternal organs by introducing an additional amount of nutrient substances of plant origin in the diet. For example, tomato juice contains likofen which reduces the risk of prostate cancer. Beetroot lowers blood pressure. In general, any vegetable juice with pulp is full of fiber, so necessary for us to timely going to the toilet and reduce feelings of hunger. Besides these juices less sugar and calories than fruit their analogs.

2. Fruit drink nectar or
The worst thing that exists in the market softCola drinks after. These substitutes contain very little real juice and divorced than whatever is handy. Do not get fooled by bright pictures fruit on the packaging and read better composition.

3. a 100% fruit juice
Despite the fact that the natural fruit juices,especially self-made, contain large amounts of vitamins and antioxidants, the amount of fructose there is also off scale. Therefore, drink no more than one glass per day or dilute them in half with water.

4. The best alternative to natural fruit juices - fruit
Eating a slice of apple with the skin, we alsoWe absorb little fiber, which slows the absorption of sugar by the body. This, in turn, leads to a drastic increase in blood sugar (diabetes and the risk of type 2). Therefore, if you have no problems with teeth - chew fruit.

5. Pomegranate juice
If you drink a glass of fruit juice a day,then let it be vitamin bomb, like pomegranate. He is considered to be the most useful because of its high content of antioxidants to prevent various types of cancer and improving brain function.

6. Cranberry juice
It strengthens the immune system due to vitamin C, and is a popular remedy for inflammation of the bladder.

7. Blueberry Juice
Animal experiments indicate that heimproves brain function and prevents aging of brain cells. It is therefore a good preventive measure of senile and Alzheimer's disease. The only problem with blueberries that it strongly absorbs the chemical fertilizer, so it's best this berry to gather their own or buy on the market, rather than in a supermarket.

8. Cherry juice
It has anti-inflammatory properties. And if you drink it before a workout can reduce muscle pain after exercise.

9. Grape juice
We've all heard that a little red wine helpfulfor heart. The same goes for the grape juice, although it is important to squeeze it together with the peel and seeds, as they are an additional source of vitamins and fiber.

10. decoction of dried fruit
These broths, including prunes, dried apricots, dried apples and pears - a long-standing folk remedy for constipation. Antioxidants, iron and potassium supplement bouquet of minerals that is truly life-giving drink.

We hope that this information is little help you in choosing a healthy drink every day!