What are the brushes and what is needed?

What are the brushes and what is needed?

Without these furry residents of women's cosmetic bags youYou can not do nothing, because we need a brush for flawless makeup! But how to understand what kind of brushes are meant to do? With such diversity it is difficult, if not ... to read our guide on makeup accessories!

1. Large brush for compact or loose powder. Choose from natural cloth.

2. Brush for blush. Choose from natural cloth.

3. The fan brush. Designed to swipe dry particles of cosmetics: shadows crumbled, the remnants of powder or blush, etc.

4. Oblique brush for blush and jaw correction.

5. Brush the contour correction.

6. Brush for shading shadows in the form of a barrel and you will easily shade shadows. Very convenient for arc eye socket under the lower eyelid.

7. Small oblique brush for nose correction.

8. Brush tonal framework. Only synthetic pile.

9. Brush Kabuki - for crumbly or compact powder.

10. Large brush for shadows. This brush is used to apply light shades shadows a larger area of ​​the century. These smaller brush used for the application of other shades of shadows.

11. Flat brush short for shading. Used for soft shading shadows along the century.

12. Brush for shading shadows.

13. Brush for lips. Helps quality paint over the contours of the lips before applying lipstick. Synthetic bristles.

14. Brush for "stretching" the eye lines - shadow pencil.

15. Brush to soften the pencil line.

16. An oblique brush for softening pencil lines.

17. Brush for shading.

18. Small brush for liquid concealers. Used to point correction and to correct small facial areas.

19. Oblique brush to work out the eyebrows. With this brush you can shade eyebrow pencil or adjust shadows eyebrow.

20. Comb the brows.

21. Sponge. Used for applying dry or liquid eye shadow.

22. Comb the brows.