We are looking for a job like

About how important it is to engage in business that is onthe soul, it is well known. It provides physical and mental health, and also brings, as a rule, more revenue, as in favorite business, we are investing all their energies wholeheartedly. However, to find their favorite thing is not so simple. What prevents to find a job like?

There are a number of beliefs and practices that prevent, to find your favorite activity:

Find a job for the soul given to everyone!

We are looking for a job like

It is believed that the favorite thing - like a reallove: it can be found right at a glance. And to find him, just as true love is not given to everyone, it's luck. Several times I have heard the phrase: "You're lucky you have a favorite thing."

The belief that in order to find your favoritematter must be lucky, based on the fact that every day we see around us a large number of people working in the wrong place. And while it may seem that the way it should, that is life, that is as it should be. And a favorite work - it is something like a miracle.

In fact, due to the fact that few peoplereally know what they want professionally, finding his vocation may seem something supernatural. But that should not stop your search for interesting work for you.

True Love is useless to look for - itshe is. But with all the work it is different. And not only the work. Understand what you want, you pleasure - is also work, sometimes quite long, but certainly useful.

It implies the need to listen toitself, the need to pay attention and notice what you like and what not. In addition, it implies the need to support what you like and do not like - to reject and not make a deal with him: "Well, so be it, I will do as long as it is."

Often, when we compromise, thenWe abandon their dreams and stop looking for what we want to do. Even if at the moment you are forced to engage in business unloved, do not stop there and keep looking. His work itself is not there.

Exercise number 1

1) Take a pen and paper and write down the 10 proposals that will begin with the words: "I must ...". You need to write down 10 things that you think you should do in life;

2) Now write 10 sentences that will begin with the words "I can not ...". In this part of the exercise you need to write down 10 things that you can not, in your opinion, do;

3) read out the result. What feelings is written?

4) Now cross off in the first ten sentencesthe word "should" and replace it with the word "want". In the following ten proposals cross out the word "I" (the particle 'not' leave), and replace it with the word "want";

5) Read what you got. What feelings is what happened now?

By doing this exercise, you may have noticed that allrecorded from you or you want to do or do not want. However, when you say to yourself, "should" or "can not" instead of "I want" or "do not want", it blocks the energy and prevents you from getting what you are doing, pleasure, or to refuse to do it. Train in all that you do, or revealing his desire or his reluctance. The more you understand and know about their "want" and "do not want", the easier it will be to apply it to their work.

Lack of purpose to find a favorite work

We are looking for a job like

Often the desire to find a job like noIt has done, because we have not set ourselves a goal. For example, just to find a job - this is important, because it is necessary for something to live. And its acquisition we set a goal - to find a job, do the appropriate steps: compile summaries, send out his employers.

And the fact that for the soul - this is what you can doin his spare time, if you have time. And since there is no purpose, there is no sequence of actions that will help find what the soul. Set a goal to find a favorite thing.

Analyze what steps will help youmove in this direction. What do you need to find your favorite job? What can help you to find a job like? Make a plan. And the exercises that I suggest to help you take the first steps in this direction and closer to the goal.


Sometimes we say to ourselves: "If I did not know what I want, then what's the point to do something? That's when understand, then start to move. " But as long as we do not make practical actions, we risk to remain on the same spot. Search for soul work - this is business, not thinking, and it requires the activity.

Exercise number 2

1) Answer the following questions:

- If your life was a well-defined goal, whatever it was?

- If there were a god or other superhuman, what capabilities it can give you? For what? What would you give to the world, the people?

2) In accordance with the answers, determine their mission in life and form a credo.

Fear of taste

We are looking for a job like