Ways to find love

Ways to find love

Meet the real love the dream of every woman, but, unfortunately, not all so lucky. How to find a soul mate? This question is answered by sociologists.

Experts gathered research data fromseveral countries. Experts and psychologists than a year trying to figure out what can help a person to find their own happiness, and find true love. They offer the following tips:

1. Friends of Friends

Try to personally meet with friends of their friends. Expand social circle, perhaps, among the new friends you will meet your love.

2. Most often say "yes"

Try to agree on any proposal. For example, if you are invited to a birthday party or a seminar, be sure to agree.

3. More friends

Maintain friendly relations as possible witha large number of women. Meet not only with men but also with representatives of the fair sex. New friends will also help you to expand the circle of potential boyfriends.

4. Become a foodie

Great place to meet a soul mate -a restaurant, a business lunch. Many men are very busy and time for fun at them, but at lunch time there is a chance to meet and talk.

5. Work out

Sport helps you keep a slim figure. In addition, fitness clubs - another good place for dating.