Vitamins, preserve youth

When you are 27, and all around sayYou look at 25, it's certainly nice. But when you are 40, and all continue to ascribe to you 25 - years of age, it is a double pleasure. What is the secret of such eternal youth and freshness?

As you know, a woman as old as sheIt looks. Our age gives out or hides the skin condition. If the skin remains soft and smooth, even first Sedinko hair will not force others to think that a woman ages. And when the skin, on the contrary, looks flabby and tired, no cosmetic products do not hide.

Condition of the skin depends on manyfactors. First of all, it's a way of life that leads a woman and the quality of food. It is known that alcohol, smoking, lack of sleep, excessive exposure to the sun or in tanning salons, stress does not contribute to the preservation of our skin youthful. (Moreover, this applies not only to the female body).

One of the determinants of health asskin and overall health is a balanced diet, rich in vitamins. Vitamins - the building blocks from which to create the strength of our immune system and increases the body's ability to regenerate - that is, the restoration of damaged cells and tissues.

The leading "vitamin of youth" are:

• Vitamin E (tocopherol). If you think that sitting on a strict diet, cut-off any possibility of oil entering the body, you get enough of this vitamin, you are deeply mistaken. Nowhere is there such a high concentration of vitamin E in oily sea fish, nuts, unrefined vegetable oil, germinated wheat grains.

• Vitamin C (ascorbic acid). Sweet (bell pepper), rosehips, black currant, and, of course, citrus fruits provide direct delivery of vitamin C in the body directly to the destination.

• Vitamin A (retinol). To develop liver intake of this vitamin is necessary in its substance under the name "carotene". It is found mainly in yellow-orange fruits: buckthorn, sweet pepper, carrot, pumpkin. Best digested liver carotene together with a small amount of fat (butter, mayonnaise, margarine, etc.)

• Vitamin D (calciferol). In butter, cod liver oil, eggs and fish body finds enough of this vitamin to replenish their reserves.

• Vitamin F (linoleic, linolenic and arahi-Dons acid). Love snapping seeds? Clicks to your health! So you get the vitamin F, which improves the condition of hair, nails and skin. Besides this vitamin sunflower seeds took a fancy avocado, almonds, peanuts and soybeans.