Useful than grapes?

Grapes are useful for its content of glucose and fructose

Useful than grapes?

Grapes - a high-calorie nutritional product.

The chemical composition of grapes complex and depends onits variety and maturity, soil and climatic conditions in which it grows. The essential components of grapes - glucose and fructose (10 to 33 percent). Is it organic acids (tartaric, citric, malic), minerals (potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, etc.), vitamins B, C, PP. Enzymes, fiber, pectin

Thanks to the valuable chemical composition of grapes vysokokalorien and nutritious. The content of the berries of a large amount of glucose and potassium salts responsible for their medicinal properties.

Under the influence of grape activated processesexchange, primarily water and salt. Minerals help to normalize the acid-alkaline balance in the blood; potassium needed heart muscle. Juice made from several grape varieties, due to the presence in it of volatile production has antiseptic properties.

Since ancient times, the grapes used for foodseriously ill and debilitated malnourished people. It is very useful in cardiovascular, gastro-intestinal diseases, diseases of the kidneys and liver.

In the mild form of diabetes, obesity, colitis grapes can be included in the diet, but of course, in small quantities, and the daily rate of sugar must be reduced accordingly.

In severe forms of these diseases can not eat grapes.