Useful properties of rosehip

Rosehip - in the summer this plant pleases us beautifulflowering, and in the winter saves us from various diseases. But not only the hips, plump roundels like kegs, have useful properties, in folk medicine used successfully and roots and leaves - this wonderful shrub, which is just a storehouse of some nutrients.

Useful properties of rosehip

Speaking about the beneficial properties of rosehip neednoted that its fruits are the champions of the content of ascorbic acid, in its wild rose 50 times more than a lemon! Also rosehip is rich in nutrients like B vitamins, vitamin E, K, E, in addition the rhizome contains rosehip tannins. There it is also necessary for the body organic acids, essential oils and a wide range of trace elements.

Among other things, the wild rose hasphytoncide and bactericidal action, which makes it indispensable in the fight against many diseases, and in particular with the common cold. Therefore, in the summer admire the beautiful flowers of wild rose in the period of its bloom, but do not kill them to harvest in the fall, to prepare rose hips for winter and meet with the cold chill and fully armed.

Collect the rose hips in the fall need tofrosts, as the slightest frost completely relieve rosehips from all its useful properties. After harvest, hips sent to the processing or simply zasushivat then to prepare them decoctions and infusions. By the way in addition to the dried rose hips in the pharmacies you can buy the syrup made from rose hips and rose hip oil.

Useful properties of rosehip

Rosehip oil is widely used in variousskin diseases, in addition to the success in the fight against these diseases used a decoction of the roots of wild rose, which has good tanning properties. Infusions, decoctions and syrup from the fruit and leaves of wild rose are used mostly for the treatment of various infectious and viral diseases of the upper respiratory tract and gastrointestinal tract.

If you decide to self-assemble andto prepare rose hips for winter, then keep in mind that to collect it from the road in any case it is impossible, because no useful properties in such a wild rose would not, on the other hand, you risk to pick up all sorts of hazards ... So plant a bush in his yard and summer admire beautiful flowering and in winter enjoy the beneficial properties of rose hips. Or go to the drugstore and buy all the rules harvested rose hips or a finished syrup. And remember - the shelf life in dry rose hips - not more than two years!