Is white bread and pastries is useful?

From childhood, many of us are accustomed to eatingwhite bread, and pastry in general. Still, it's so delicious! Hlebushek with varenitsem, bun with butter, pancakes, pies, cakes ... Did someone thought of us on the usefulness of these products, their constituents? Where there! Frequent encouragement moms and grandmas "eat another bite," just added appetite.

Is white bread and pastries is useful?

It should be noted that white flour, the mainconstituting the current batch, emptied of almost all nutrients and does not carry any nutritional value, moreover, harmful to our body in the form of disease and extra kilos. Everything is valuable in treated part - the bran, which, being in the gut to absorb moisture and thereby enhance the mass movement digested in the digestive tract, thereby clearing the intense our body. Furthermore, the use of bran prevents increase in blood glucose level, adjusts biliary excretion, bran useful for people with overweight and suffering from chronic constipation.

The threat also are thermophilic yeast,which are now being used in baking. Once in our bodies, they multiply rapidly and inhibit the normal microflora, allowing harmful bacteria multiplying, blocking the production of B vitamins and essential amino acids, which leads to disruption of the activities of all digestive organs: stomach, pancreas, gallbladder, liver, intestines.

The alternative in this case would be the use ofuseful of wholemeal and rye bread, which can be found on sale or bake your own (without the use of yeast and margarine, of course). The rye flour composition consists of: the amino acid lysine, fiber, manganese, zinc, iron, magnesium and potassium.

Use rye bread helps reduceblood cholesterol, improves metabolism, improves heart, detoxifies, helps prevent several dozens of diseases, including cancer.

You want to be healthy? Then eat natural foods and bread baked from flour with bran natural, additive-free and, most importantly, without chemical agents.

On a vegetarian diet for CongressTallinn in 1990 read the report, which says that the bread - a deadly product to human health. Swelling of the intestinal juices, it acidifies the internal environment of the body, turning into lumps of clay, has adhered to the walls of the intestine and creating its obstruction.

A recent study,published in the "International Journal of Cancer» (Journal of Cancer), has shown a link between consumption of white bread, and increased risk of cancer. The study found that people who eat a mostly white bread (up to 5 slices per day), the risk of kidney cancer is two times higher than those who eat white bread a little (no more than 1.5 slices per day) . Why is this happening? Well, first of all: the consumption of large quantities of white bread can take the place of more nutritious foods in our diet, which may have anti-cancer properties. Other, more potential explanation for the fact that white bread can actually be the cause of cancer is that white bread contributes to relatively rapid appearance of sugar in the blood. This may lead to increased levels of blood sugar. The human body will release a lot of insulin (a hormone responsible for reducing blood sugar).

Another harmful habit is all our cooking, frying, baking, even that did not need this.

Any product subjected to heat treatment, as a result of the digestion is converted into a salt of oxalic acid. This salt accumulates in cells, tissues, organs, forming deposits.

Thus, the desire to improve the taste and appearance of the product leads to the fact that the efficiency of the product is converted into harmful.