Unusual use of ordinary things

Unusual use of ordinary things

Every day we buy a lot of things thatwe do not need. Only we did not guess. As well as not suspect about secret properties of the things that we already have. Look around and find the use of everything that surrounds you.

1. Do you want to eliminate unpleasant smell in the bag, the refrigerator box, a jar of any product? Put there an unused tea bag.

2. The hydrogen peroxide is not only heals the wound, but also displays some stains on clothes.

3. Do not rush to buy special cloth to wipe them their favorite electronic gadgets! Baby wipes perfectly cope with this task.

4. Do you want to get rid of ants? Mound more cinnamon in "dangerous places".

5. Metal objects perfectly cleaned with toothpaste.

6. Wipe cutlery back side of the banana peel. Just notice how they sparkle.

7. Honey can replace antibacterial agent.

8. Grind aspirin, diluted with water and anoint the bite of a mosquito. All will pass!

9. Soda ideal dentifrice, and especially for their whitening.

10. Hand Cream will add luster to your shoes.

11. Charcoal help freshen the air in the room.

12. The windows can be cleaned with paper coffee filters. Then there will be no divorce.

13. Do you want to sharpen scissors? Fold in half a piece of foil and can cut it.