Top products for summer beach

If you are going on vacation and bring themselves inform for the event, do not forget about the figure and during the holidays. Of course, the proposal for an "all inclusive" and overseas kitchen have nothing to do with diet and maddening delicious dishes, but be on the alert: overeating - the enemy of a beautiful figure.

Top products for summer beach

Even more dangerous allies extra kilosThey may be snacking on the beach. Fast food and sedentary lifestyle (though he temporarily) is unlikely to make the body more attractive. But it turns out, not all snacks are harmful for the figure.

Eating right on the beach: eat carrots!

Carrot sticks - the best snack, which can bechew throughout the summer! Carrots contain orange pigment - beta-carotene, which improves the tan while protecting skin cells from the harmful effects of free radicals.

Thus, this product is not only helpsprotect skin from the sun, giving it a nice bronze color, but also recharges your body with energy. But do not forget that eating carrots does not replace the use of special protective sunblock!

Eating right on the beach: eat cucumbers!

Cucumbers at the 95% water and are gooda diuretic, and thus removed from the body of harmful toxins. Furthermore, they contain a variety of vitamins, minerals and fiber. This vegetable is easily digestible, improves digestion and contains almost no calories. Eat cucumbers and forget about the extra kilograms!

Eating right on the beach: eat watermelon!

In the heat of summer a good alternative to calorieice cream will be a watermelon. It is delicious and juicy, so eating it, you satisfy your hunger and thirst, and will not suffer remorse for regular calorie popsicle or horn.

In addition, watermelon contains a coloring pigment lycopene, which will not only give your face a nice glow, but also protects the body from cardiovascular and intestinal diseases.

Eating right on the beach: eat chilled grapes!

Chilled grapes - it's very tasty anduseful delicacy! In addition, it contains antioxidants that prevent premature skin aging. So you can feel free to have a chilled grapes on a hot summer day!

Eating right on the beach: eat nuts!

If you like chips, crackers, and other snacks are harmful, we recommend that you replace them with nuts. What to choose, you decide, but it is better if they are without the addition of sugar, salt and other spices.

The nuts contain a lot of vitamins, amino acids, proteins and trace elements needed by the body. But do not get carried away - all the nuts enough calories.

Eating right on the beach: drink green tea and water!

On the beach be sure to take it with a drink, becauseheat the body loses a lot of moisture, the amount of which must be replenished. But do not forget that soda is not the best option for this, especially in the summer.

Take a plain water with ice and lemon or chilled green tea. These drinks are best suited for wetting "from the inside" on a hot day.

Eating right on the beach: drink fruit juice!

Natural juices are much healthier packaged, therefore, going to the beach, prepare a small amount of juice available in the refrigerator fruit or vegetables, and take with you.

This will not only help you to stick toproper nutrition during the holidays, but also give an opportunity to get a nice tan, because the juice of carrots, peaches and oranges contain substances that are natural activators of tanning.