Top 5 books that will change your life.

Top 5 books that will change your life.

They say that the mind without books is like a bird without wings. Do not worry, it's true! Despite the development of cinema, numerous TV shows, books are a source of knowledge and will never disappear. There's a good book, there is a frank delirium, but there is a special category - books that are changing our lives. It is about them this stuff.

Do not expect that to happen something global in your world, but you'll think very differently.

1. Victor Pelevin «Generation P"

Modern classic. In this novel, no accidents. Author integrally shows the dependence of young people from the money and the influence of advertising on the mind of mankind. The book makes you think, because the author has built an amazing reflection of our world in a distorting mirror. In fact, ruled by advertising. And then the question arises: "And we did not go to this?"

2. Gregory David Roberts 'Shantaram'

The novel of the XXI century - the confession of one man,who managed to escape from the abyss of their own and survive. After the divorce, he is deprived of parental rights. Curiosity ties to drugs and criminal life. Then jailbreak, illegal arms trade, and true love, which the hero loses to find a new one.

3. Robin Sharma "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari"

This book is now - a hit sales. She read the policy and restaurateurs, students and businessmen. It tells the story of a lawyer, which became a monk and carrying light in weight. After a heart attack, he quits his job and goes to India to seek personal happiness.

This book talks about the spiritual quality of the development. The essence is this: how to live and to do good. The author describes the attitude towards life and the principles on which to build their lives.

4. John Gray "Men are from Mars - Women are from Venus"

If you want to understand the reasons for your disagreementin the second half - this book is for you. But you need to read together, otherwise it will be a game with only one goal. Coming out of his observations, the author tries in simple language and examples to show how to find a common language of man and woman. In the book, a lot of repetition, probably, the writer wants us to remember your mistakes and not repeat them longer.

5. George Orwell's "1984"

The book shocked the people of different ages and generations. The heavy, oppressive, but it will be remembered forever. Although this book, Utopia, the author as the water looked when he wrote this novel.