Too good to be true!

Too good to be true!

Carefully, lies! 17 male phrases that can not be taken at face value.

1. "I could easily have a couple more times! But I just get up early tomorrow "

2. "Large breasts? It's for perverts! I was excited girls with high IQ! »

3. "Who's calling? Yes colleague. What audacity to - to bother me at work on the night! "

4. "Of course, I did not shed a tear because of this stupid movie, I just allergic to fur of your cat!"

5. "Yeah, now it'll do ... Of course, I'm listening carefully ... sure'll come to the grocery store!"

6. "Where lipstick on his shirt? This is my boss grateful sobbing on my chest, giving the prize! "

7. "I bought you a tour of the Canary Islands! Why not go with you? Well, it's too expensive, I'll work better "

8. "Let's change the channel on a minute, I just see the national team!"

9. "Your mom is great! Let him come to us more often and stay longer! "

10. "Yes, dear, I also never anybody was not so good"

11. "I'm not married"

12. "Tomorrow I'll get a divorce!"

13. "Why I started to put a pillow under your mobile phone? To call in the middle of the night did not wake you. Last time, all sorts of idiots do not often get to "

14. "Why I could hardly stand on his feet? Dizzy from your beauty. Well, I drank some beer with Dima "

15. "Something in my stomach appeared, do not you think? It is necessary to buy new shoes tomorrow for a fitness club "

16. "I was robbed. There was a bouquet, card and gift for you "

17. "New dress? Of course I noticed! Very stylish!"