Tips for Housewives

Tips for Housewives

It is believed, and not without reason, that being overweight is typed incooking process. This is especially true for housewives who have to spend a lot of time around the plate. To the dish was able to, you need to try it in the cooking process. In support of this thesis can recall obschepitovskie canteens and women working chefs. How to be? Do not cook? Or cook without trying? There are psychological tricks to avoid this syndrome is confined to the kitchen.

Appetite can be fooled by one or twoglasses of plain water - it takes a lot of space in your stomach and a feeling of satiety. For a long time it will not be enough, but the cooking time is just what you need.
You can pick up close home clothes that will remind you of the fact that even one piece will surely be superfluous.

During cooking appropriate to throw in your mouth and chew fragrant spices such as cloves, mint leaf, a sprig of parsley, cilantro, dill, and the like.

It is distributed the following method: you take his most unsuccessful photograph, which is clearly visible all the flaws, and place it so that it was visible during cooking - it'll surely keep you from being able to once again try to get a meal.

There are more original method: place the front of the refrigerator scales so that it can be opened only standing on them. You open the refrigerator, throw a glance down and ... shut the refrigerator.
It can be hung on prominent thing that you become small, or that you really want to get into, but has not yet obtained.

People who were forced to spend a lot of time at homekitchen, and more often suffer from a lack of sufficient fresh air and activity. Below - a few tips and a list of products, the most conducive to a healthy mind and well-being.

Red and orange vegetables and fruits.
Peppers, tomatoes, pumpkin, carrots, apricots - they all contain beta-carotene which is responsible for skin cell renewal.

A fish.
It contains vitamins A & D, improve blood circulation and reduce inflammation.

Useful in small amounts. They have a lot of coenzyme Q10, responsible for cell regeneration and nourishes the skin.

Vegetable oil.
It perfectly helps get rid of the drynessskin - to get involved is not necessary, but completely exclude it from the diet is also not necessary. From sunflower and olive oil is better to choose the latter - it has more vitamins.

White bread is useful to replace with whole wheat. Cereals and grains are rich in fiber, which is essential in the production of collagen. Elastic and smooth skin will thus be ensured.

Black and red currants contain many vitamins, blueberries, apart from this, it is very useful for people with poor eyesight.

Milk and milk products.
The composition of milk includes almost all substances,necessary for normal functioning of the body. Lactic acid products have several advantages over fresh milk. They are better absorbed, contain antibiotic substances and improve the composition of intestinal microflora.

The yolk of a lot of minerals, especially phosphorus, and vitamins A, D, E, group B is well absorbed by the soft-boiled egg and worse - hard-boiled.

Meat is necessary, as the source of many proteins, but it is better to use it is not fried, and boiled, and have lean meats and poultry (beef, pork, rabbit, chicken, turkey).

Spicy food.
Here is her consumption should be limited, as well as hot spices and sauces.