The road to health

Dietitians have developed a simple and easymemorable formula to health promotion - a day should eat at least 5 servings of fruit per day (apples, pears, oranges, etc.). Not opened in the habit of daily apple crisp? It's time to start a tanker so ripe apple and gradually increase the daily rate. One serving per person - the amount of fruit and vegetables, which is placed in a handful.

The road to health

[Left] If you want to

* Help your body deal with daily stress
* Lose weight without putting it to any special effort
* love yourself

Then follow the following rules:

1. Decorate your home fruit

First of course you need to get thesefruit. We go to the nearest supermarket and choose the most beautiful apples. This should be done very carefully. If apple peels dull, it would be limp and tasteless. If the skin is punctured or scratched, the apple quickly rot.

2. The morning begins -Health added

Breakfast is the first and most important meal. Pay attention to what you have for breakfast. Very well if fresh fruit or vegetable juice. So you're not lost, and for a long time thinking about his state of health. But never too late to start. When the morning starts with oatmeal - add finely chopped apple, orange on the fan. To cook pancakes - put into the bull's-eye. And, you can in the morning to bake the apples in the microwave. During the 4 minute full fruity breakfast.

3. invigorating drink

A glass of fresh fruit juice is considered to be the same portion. The wide variety of combinations and proportions with vegetable juices never bored. Between meals juices are full of energy.

4. Fresh fruit or dried fruit?

Especially in winter jitteriness lack of fresh fruit. They can replace the dried fruit. What is their advantages - they are stored for a long time, they can be carried in a handbag. The most common dried fruits:
* Dried apricots (dried apricots)
* Plums (prunes)
* Grapes (raisins)

However, in large masses may unexpectedlyaffect your digestion. Apple chips, you can make your own. Apples cut into thin rings and place in oven for the smallest temperature (70 ° -80 °) for 1-2 hours.

5. To your health do not save

Vegetables and fruit, fresh or dried must bequality. Best of all biologically clean, which is very important today. Try to eat those products, the quality of which can be learned. For example, where they are grown, which are stored and transported like.