The unusual properties of toothpaste

The unusual properties of toothpaste

1. Relieves irritation from insect bites, from cuts and blisters.

2. It softens the pain of burns.

3. Allows you to hide skin imperfections. It accelerates the healing process of damaged skin after removal of acne on his face.

4. Allows you to clean the fingernails to shine.

5. It helps to smooth the hair. Gel toothpastes - is hair gel.

6. Helps to get rid of the corrosive smell of garlic, fish and onions.

7. Removes stubborn stains from clothing and carpets.

8. tidies dirty shoes.

9. Removes stains from colored pencils and markers painted on the walls.

10. scrubbed to a shine silver jewelry.

11. Removes scratches from computer disks.

12. Suitable for cleaning instruments keys.

13. Removes unpleasant odor of bottle feeding babies.

14. Clears scorched metal and cast iron surface.

15. Prevents fogging of glasses for swimming.