The truth about sugar

The conventional wisdom that sugar - "white death", is firmly fixed in our minds. But is it always true?

The truth about sugar

If your body needs to eat somethingsweet, which means you do not get the required amount of nutrients, rather than what you do not have enough sweet. Although, according to scientists, excessive consumption of white sugar, which is a pure sucrose, weakens the body's ability to adapt to adverse environmental conditions, deteriorating health and shortens life expectancy. Yet we will not exaggerate: sugar continues to be a product of prime necessity.

Synonym carbohydrates
Sugar belongs to the carbohydrates - a valuable nutritiousSubstances that provide the body with the necessary energy. By the way, sugar has become synonymous with carbohydrates only, because many first open carbohydrates have a sweet taste.
Cardiologists say: excessive consumption of carbohydrates in people who are not engaged in physical labor, leading to overweight and rapid development of atherosclerosis. Carbohydrates - is not only sugar and honey, fruits, flour products, various cereals.

Add energy
Simple sugar - cane, beet,grape - easy to dissolve in water and are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream. All the sweet tooth who want to lose weight, but can not give up sugar, it is necessary to select those varieties that will benefit the body. Beyond the usual sugar, refined sugar and saccharin, is now on sale there was a recognized nutritionist brown sugar, the last minimum industrial processing. It contains a whole range of minerals: phosphorus, potassium and other nutrients. There are dark brown varieties, which contain a minimum quantity of molasses, they have not only saturated color, but ... smell. Unrefined sugar crushed his appearance and hardness is more like candy. Therefore it is necessary to have a bit of sugar, drinking fragrant tea and fancy cakes sprinkled with powdered sugar better.

The medicine of the XXI century
Stevia - the sweetest on the planet plant(Honey herb) - not just a substitute for sugar, and has healing properties. It contains mineral compounds, vitamins, essential oils, amino acids, pectins and substances that serve as building blocks for the production of hormones. Stevia is recommended for the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis, diabetes, obesity. Introducing a balance in the work of all systems of the body, it stabilizes blood pressure, lowers cholesterol in the blood, restores the metabolism.