Recognition of a loved one for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day - an excellent opportunity to confess his love to the person who is nice to you. And from that, what will be your little love letter, depends, will answer you in return or not.

Recognition of a loved one for Valentine's Day

How to write a confession? Buy ready-made greeting card at the store? Well, a good option, especially since the range on the shelves today is very diverse, but it is possible that the object of your sighs will get a dozen of these cards on a holiday of your "competitors". It may happen that your card be lost among others. To avoid this from happening, you need a creative approach to the recognition of writing.

Here are a few tips that will certainly help:

You do not have to buy a card. Much more interesting, if the message is in the style of this letter. Buy a good quality paper and envelope, decorated in the proper style.

Write by hand, do not type a computer text. Otherwise, the sense of individuality is lost among even beautiful, but all the printed letters and words.

Much depends on your mood, sobefore sitting down for writing a letter, make sure that the mood at the proper level, and that you get up in the morning with the right foot. Turn on some good music, enjoy yourself in the comfort and quiet, even pleasant feelings and emotions to penetrate your soul and mind.

Write a good handle, even better, if you eat a pen writing skills that will add to the message of elegance and style.

The content of the text should match yourRelations today. For example, it is not necessary to go to offer your loved happy marriage until his death, if you are a declaration of love to this man for the first time.

Well, when there is recognition of the poems, but not Pushkin or someone else, but your own.

Write accessible language, do not copy the often incomprehensible words with cards.

Do not stress the word, such as - "Love!"" I hope for reciprocity! "Etc. It does not look like a romantic recognition, but as the roar as the requirement to submit to your love. Instead, express hope for unobtrusive relationship with this person.

Do not promise mountains of gold instead of love, it will scare the person, make him think of himself as of a certain product that they want to buy.

In a fit of amorous experiences and expectations do not need to write essay on the theme of love for Mr. (Mrs.) «X». The ideal would be no more than the amount of letters page.

Do not write in a letter to other people, inappropriateis a reference to any person -. whether it be one of your friends, parents, etc., no matter how flattering they are. Emphasize your personality, removing all unnecessary.

Complete an impressive words that express your sympathy: "I will always love you", "My heart belongs to you" and the like.

Check finally everything that is written, typos and spelling mistakes in the text will spoil the whole undertaking.

Perfume letter good spirits, but not much, slightly, but it will be similar to the letter with perfume factory.

Be sure to sign your creation. Hand the letter to your loved one and wait for a response.

Good luck to you in love! love