The reasons that should be a woman

When you get tired of PMS, painful hair removal or other purely female troubles and begin to envy the men who remember at least three items from this list.

The reasons that should be a woman

1. We will hmeleya and therefore easily can save money for the shopping madness.
2. We do not have to ask someone on a date. While we can do it if we want.
3. We have a better intuition is developed. We are able to predict the intentions of others, and therefore more in demand in the social sectors.
4. With a sinking ship / from a burning house to evacuate us first.
5. We do not have unexpected and inappropriate erection at the meeting.
6. We can shame the men in the truck that they have given way.
7. We are easier to learn a foreign language. In general, our speech more rapid and competent.
8. If we are unable to hang shelves or repair the outlet, we will not suffer from this life.
9. We are not ashamed to ask for directions and wind circles, muttering to himself: I know exactly where we are ... ".
10. If we forget about the razor, you can hide the three-day stubble, wearing trousers.
12. On average, women live five years longer than men.
12. We can cry out in fear while watching a horror movie, and nobody will brand us with shame.
13. When we look bad with a hangover, the problem is easy to solve the makeup.
14. We are easily accumulating due skillfully support them and use them, one is not offending.
15. Thank you, Lord, for the PCA! We can narychat him because he looks too much football, and then with a clear conscience, blame the outbreak of anger on hormones.
16. We have much less hair grows in the nose ... and women are practically no hair in the ears.
17. We rarely Gmina Łyse.
18. Studies have shown that we are more happy, happy and satisfied with their jobs than men.
19. We do not save on yourself!
20. We are the best drivers. Women are less likely to drive like maniacs, sometimes become a cause of major accidents (as sledstvie- paying less for insurance) .a also decorate their cars with giant antennas and wacky neon lights.
21. We are better able to express their feelings, and so we have a deeper emotional connection with your friends.
22. We are more picky in choosing sexual partners .In contrast to men, we never wake up in the morning screaming ,, God, who is next?! ,,.
23. Potato gratin, chocolate and cherry ice cream packaging will enable us to see life in pink. The concept is simple.
24. Among offenders who are serving sentences in prisons, men are three times more women. This means that we are either too wise to break the law, or too clever to be caught.
25. We cry four times more often than men, and feel better at the same time. Why hold yourself all this stress?
26. We can do two or more things at once. The female brain is better able to memorize the information coming from all sides, while men can only concentrate on one thing. Poor things ....
27. We can go to the toilet and the crowd did not look at it suspiciously.
28. We have less chance of dying from a heart attack or cancer.
29. Men like to think they're cool, but in women above the pain threshold.
thirty. we really born to shop. Acquired in the course of evolution, the need to collect fruits and seeds for our hearth allows us to accurately remember where we saw the satin tulip skirt, how much it cost, and how many of them still remain.
31. Thanks to the magic of high heels women never complex because of small stature.
32. We can easily talk to the opposite sex, not imagining them naked.
33. Because we have obtained the best barefoot. Firms owned by women are growing twice as fast, and business-lady will soon have more than businessmen.
34. In contrast to the one in seven men, who earns less than his companion of life, we do not feel insecure if more than our partner's salary.
35. It is easier to catch a taxi. You just need to take the form ,, ,, girls in difficulty.
36. In women, fat layer thickness, we can no longer eat, freeze and drop us a much softer.
37. When we dance, we have the grace of Shakira, and not bear the Roma.
38. We are always and everywhere wrong (even when we know that it is not so!).
39. Women are more intelligent, assiduous and attentive men. And studies have shown that with age we still savvy better and faster. It is still useful to us when we retired to play bingo.
40. We exactly know whether the value of the size is.
41. We experience multiple orgasms.

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