The rarest languages

The rarest languages

The rarest language in Europe - a Livonian language, related to Finnish. In the Livonian now talking about 200 citizens of Latvia.

From less exotic languages ​​one of the most endangered, according to UNESCO recognition is Estonian. And by the way, more than half of Estonian students would prefer to study English instead of Estonian language.

In Papua New Guinea, with a population of approximatelyfour million residents speak 800 local languages. Among these languages, there is not one which would indicate at least 100 000 people. Today - the rarest languages ​​in the world.

Despite the fact that the sole and Thailandindisputable language recognized by the Thai, in fact, half of the population speaks a dialect. And some of them are from the perspective of linguists independent languages. It lao, kammuang and paktaysky.

In India, no language which couldconsidered the language of the majority. Almost every state speak their own language. The rarest Indian languages ​​- is Marathi (Maharashtra), oriya (Orissa), Telugu (in Andhra Pradesh state) and Tamil in Tamil Nadu.

Another tiny tongue - it alfendio or East Sepik Province. It says 633 people.

On Kandasamy (New Irish language) says 480 people.

In languages ​​Leela and seymat says 450 people.

Even more rare is Aune (or West Sepik): 384.

It has recently registered a rare language Susu language is spoken by only two families in the province of plague. And the children understand the language, but do not speak it.

Rarest spoken language on the planet - is the language Bikya. It says only one 87-year-old woman from a village on the border between Cameroon and Nigeria