The most common myths about perfume

You may have heard that over time perfumesspoiled, men's fragrances women can not wear, and the composition does not change on the skin. In fact, this myth. Let's debunk five of the most common myths about the perfume.

The most common myths about perfume

1. "Perfumes eventually spoil." Not time destroys flavor and heat and direct sunlight, experts say. And no matter how expensive or cheap fragrance. However, it does have the composition (of the minority) that change over time. It may be that the top notes disappear, but after a few minutes simply divine fragrance opens on the skin.

2. "There is a women's perfume and men's fragrances. This strict division and can not change anything. " In fact, women have access to virtually every scent created for men.

3. 'Perfumes should not be changed on the skin. " Not at all! Some flavors are more direct, but a good perfume is like a musical sonata, which varies with time, opening new dimensions. The more interesting composition, the more changes the flavor of the skin.

4. "If a person smells strongly, he uses the spirits." Of course, the spirits of concentrating more than toilet water. But often smell perfume on your skin softer than toilet water. Alcohol gives a flavor of toilet water, some roughness. In addition, if a person uses the toilet water, he often does it more than necessary.

5. "Different concentrations do not differ fragrance on the skin than the duration of sensation." In fact, this is not so. Depending on the form of strongly felt certain tone composition and flavor of sounds in a new way.