The most beautiful women in Hollywood legs

At Jennifer Lopez rokoshnyh ass, Angelina Joliesensual lips and a shrill, childish clear eyes, Pamela Anderson, a huge bust, and Julia Roberts, the longest legs in Hollywood. Or the longest? According to the witnesses of the scene in the bathroom with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in the movie "Pretty Woman" where beauty hugging her long legs super-macho Gere, her substitute for understudy.

However, no one would dispute the fact that the legs of Julia Roberts is really beautiful, long and just gorgeous.

The most beautiful women in Hollywood legs

Here are photos of the long-legged beauty Julia Robertsthe movie "Pretty Woman" where she is frivolous, but heavy boots above the knee boldly Richard Gere pulls his tie. And next available picture other young and beautiful girls in Hollywood, too, with long legs and also in boots above the knee. Next to the photo of a beautiful and famous Julia Roberts walks in a dress and heels. And then we see her figure after giving birth - Julia Roberts recently decided to return to the great movie and staging a mini-photo session on the beach thus said the whole world about his return to Hollywood.

The most beautiful women in Hollywood legs

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