The correct sequence of applying makeup

The correct sequence of applying makeup

Renowned makeup artist Donna Marie Griffey (Donna MarieGriffey) in an interview told about the order in which you need to apply makeup to those who want to act according to the rules known to professionals.

How to properly apply makeup

"All we are doing cosmetics as we see fit. There is a proper sequence, and if you follow it, you can achieve excellent results, "- says the expert.

1. Clean your skin, apply a Tony, blot the face cloth and apply a moisturizer. Leave the skin for 2-3 minutes.

2. If the skin has red or yellow spots, use a special corrector to even out skin tone.

3. sponzhikom or brush, apply a foundation. Thoroughly blend it.

4. If necessary, apply concealer under the eyes.

5. Apply a highlighter on the darkened areas of the skin.

6. The next stage - face powder. Apply it with a sponge or brush. Make sure it fits the color of the skin.

7. Apply the eye shadow: the closer to the line of the eyebrows growth, the lighter they should be.

8. Then take the eye pencil or eyeliner and draw a line along the lash. If it turned out, that means smeared wait until it is dry, and remove the cotton swab.

9. After that, you should apply mascara. Typically, layer 2 sufficiently.

10. After this, take a lip pencil and circle them.

11. Then apply on lips, lipstick, gloss or balm. It is advisable to use a special brush.

12. The next stage - a blush on the cheekbones. The color must be suitable to the lipstick. If you want, you can apply a little darker shade just under the cheekbones - the person will be vividly.

13. On the cheekbones, you can apply a little shiny highlighter.

Work is completed, your makeup is ready!