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10 Commandments of happy woman

1. Everything that happens - for the better.
Break the vase still did not contain allcolors, and due to being late for cinema show, she met a wonderful man! All that happens is a common good conception of fate happy woman.

2. Own appearance is always worthy of praise and pride.
If there are small flaws in the outeras they are the only reason to pay attention to the great dignity of a happy woman. Nature gave excellent material - the body, it is possible to mold the beauty of it. And this woman is convinced that always looks the best, because it takes care of itself in love.

3. All the parting is always - for new meetings.
And indeed it is! Outlived their relationship go as something unnecessary and waste, and soon there is a new joy for body and soul. Each meeting - ETOGES bright chain link of love and adventure in the life of a happy woman.

4. There are no time constraints.
And it is true. Sometimes only the irrational use of this precious resource. Happy woman is always doing the most important first, then - something for the soul and the self, and finally - all the rest. A day is 24 hours, no more, no less. And she uses them in such a way that it all enough time.

5. The ups and downs of career - wise lessons for the benefit of their own lives.
Whatever happens: increase, displacement, loss or finding work, happy woman is confident that it is - the best and right at the moment. So, this is the law of their own behavior and the acquisition of skills. Everything in life is wise and helpful. During the darkest periods of follow brightest days, and after the dizzying flights will still need to land.