teeth Whitening

On the snow-white Hollywood smile dream of many,but few people know that it is very rarely the result of teeth whitening. The most common way to white teeth is through a beautiful dream, and filling quality prosthetics. Yet teeth whitening in this case, is the place to be, and that's about it, about teeth whitening at home and professionally discuss in this article.

teeth Whitening

As is clear from the preceding sentence teeth whitening can be performed at home and in the dental office doctor.

Whitening is performed usingspecial bleaching agents, which are based on acid. And as we know contribute to acid demineralization of hard tissue of teeth, which increases the likelihood of developing caries. Simply put, it weakens teeth whitening teeth. If you do decide to do teeth whitening, then afterwards you definitely should undergo remineralization processes that strengthen tooth enamel and increase their caries.

teeth Whitening

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