Sunburn: friend or foe?

Sunburn: friend or foe?

In the summer in front of us is always a dilemma: tempted and sunbathing under the rays of the hot sun, or always use creams with high SPF, to protect the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. We have for you some good news: innovations in the field of the Sun stepped forward - no longer have to choose between protecting the skin and sunburn, because the new "smart" care and sent out on both.

Despite the fact that the sun brings a lot of joyand fun, it is also the main culprit for the appearance of premature wrinkles. If carried out in the sun for more than two weeks of the year, the aging process is activated (note, the sun does more harm than smoking, pollution and genes together!).

Why Madonna in their 50s looks great? Her dermatologist constantly supplies star sunscreen and bans appearing on the sun. Statistics disappointing - four lines of five is caused by ultraviolet light, attacking skin cells and promotes the formation of free radicals in the epidermis. The more we spend time in the sun, the greater the risk, not only to age prematurely, but also of cancer.

Now let's talk about the good. Thanks to the sun, our body produces endorphins, which are responsible for the production of hormones of happiness and help relieve stress. Also sunlight stimulates the metabolism, energizes and a good portion of vitamin D. 20 minutes of daylight is sufficient to maintain these processes at the right level.
How do we make friends with the sun?

melanin paradise
Contrary to popular belief, creams with an SPFprevent sunburn! On the contrary - they filter out harmful rays, due to which the skin is burned, and make your skin or golden color of milk chocolate. Most modern miracle contain ingredients, such as licorice extract, which are responsible for the production of melanin in the skin. Hence - a stunning bronze tan, which will be held much longer than usual and give the skin a glow.

In the early days of rest is used with high-creamsthe level of protection that contain melanin, which accumulates in the skin will provide reliable protection and a nice tan (the secret is that the darker the skin, the more she fights the harmful radiation).

Today in any cosmetic shop you easilyfind appropriate care is for your skin type. Most products contain organic ingredients, ideal for sensitive skin prone to redness and pimples. The fact that these components do not penetrate the skin. Instead, they create a reliable barrier on the surface of reflecting ultraviolet rays. These tools have one drawback - on their consistency they are fairly dense and long absorbed into the skin. But scientists are already on the way to the creation of natural creams with a light texture.

Lift barrier
Antioxidants prevent the production of freeradicals in the body, caused by sunlight and enhance the natural barrier of your body. During the rest try to include in your diet green tea, rich in vitamins C and E, as well as grapes. The same ingredients with antioxidant properties, can be found in a new generation of sunscreens.

The trick to a beautiful tan can we learn fromFrench women, who believe that the most important thing in this process - preparation of the skin. Their arguments are clear: if a few days before the holiday start to use creams with melanin, the skin quickly adapts to sun rays and sunburn will be more beautiful and will last longer.

Do not lose vigilance
And finally, some tips for skin care in the summer:
1. Try to avoid dangerous daytime sun. Lights up before 11 am and after 16 pm. Most hell is better to wait at the beach bar under a canopy.
2. Sunscreen does not happen much. If you plan to swim in the sea, please use a waterproof cream or spray. Do not forget to update it regularly.
3. Cleanse the skin easy to scrub every