Spring - it's time to make "general" cleaning

If the "general" cleaning does not help you get rid of the "mess" in your home, you may want to stick to simple rules, following which you quickly introduce your house in proper form.

Spring - it's time to make

Living room

Disorder in the living room is better to remove beforebedtime. All the things that moved into the living room from the other rooms, it is necessary to return to the place. All that is no longer needed (for example, read the press), it is better to send directly to the trash. What is left, quickly expanded in predetermined locations: cushions - on the couch, remote control - on a coffee table or a special stand, etc.


Unload by temporarily useless things otherthe room will help you useful area in the bed under the bed or bedroom. Use free space to store pre-packed winter clothes and other "bulky goods". Do not forget that often clutter the bedroom due to the excessive presence of different "little things". Make it a habit to regularly (eg, once or twice a month) to conduct an inventory of the contents of your closets and cabinets, throwing out every time a certain number of unnecessary things (at least - five).


The same principle should be followed whenexploitation of another "prone to littering 'room - bathroom. Ruthlessly dispose of the empty bottle from the once favorite perfume, as well as an old toothbrush.


The basic rule for maintaining order in the kitchen- Train yourself and your family members to ensure that every kitchen should clean up after themselves immediately! It was immediately after a meal to wash plates, cups and other kitchen appliances. But pots and pans with the best pre-soak degreaser. But also immediately after use!

Wipe over a dining table, stove and othersurface, if necessary, remove dirt and grease stains from the floor. Do not forget to check the refrigerator for spoiled food and discard packets with garbage! Kitchen is literally "shine" if you have time to process the surface of the refrigerator and sink with a cloth moistened with vinegar solution.