85% of Russian regularly make mistakes on this list! Test yourself if you know everything?

The successful person must be competent. Teach your native language!

1. What can be little doubt "come" or "come"? Remember once and for all, right - "come."

2. We ordered "Express"? To quickly prepared :) coffee called "Espresso"!

3. How to "ed" or "ehay" or "ezzhaj"? Rubbish! The imperative form of the verb "to go" and "go" is only a "Go" or "call in", "come", etc .. The use of the word "Go" without the prefix is ​​considered acceptable, but desirable in conversation.

4. How to "victory" or "defeated"? Rubbish! The verb "win" no form of the 1st person singular. the number in the future tense. "I win", "'ll be able to win," quite a substitute for this form.

5. Repeat! There are no words "in general" and "in general"! Is the word "general" and "in general". And point.

6. In the documents is "signature", and here in the Sistine Chapel on the altar wall - "PAINTING". Do not confuse friends do not confuse!

7. From the perspective of lexical compatibility of the expression "the best" sounds as ridiculous as "more beautiful." Best regards directors 'best film'.

8. "Take" - that's to borrow! "Take me the money" - is wrong. You can not take someone can only be someone. "Lend me the money", "Can I take you?" - Correctly.

9. "V_techeniE" (some time in the course), but "v_techeniI" (eg, rivers, over the direction in art). Please note, always separately!

10. Hadron Collider! Not "Androna", who is this "Andron"? Hadrons - a elementary particles, in their honor and was named the collider. "Collider", by the way, with two "l".

11. Win! Not Win! I sincerely do not understand what motivates people to give to "J". Word Verification - GAME.

12. Anyone who still says "theirs" will burn in hell!

13. For writing, "I'm sorry" instead of "I'm sorry," it is time to introduce fines.