Speeds up the metabolism?

Subject-to-date, as many know, andmore wrestlers are overweight do not know that they have reduced metabolism. What does it lead? Of course, to the accumulation of body fat, reduction in the level of activity, lack of physical strength. If we continue the conversation, you can easily walk to apathy, depression, decreased immunity and other diseases.

Well, suppose you know that you have a reduced metabolism. What's next?

Speeds up the metabolism?

Someone that's enough. An extra reason to suffer poobvinyat others that care enough to you, miserable, poopravdyvat their failures in life and ... nothing can be done. And if you do, then what? Of course, raises!

You've probably heard the word "metabolism". And yet, what do you know about metabolism, or metabolism, and how it affects the loss or weight gain?

Metabolism - it processes and reactions taking place inside our body. For all processes, our body needs energy, which it gets from food in the form of calories.

Your basal metabolism (OBV) showshow much energy (calories) your body burns at rest. Amazingly, in the resting state for more than 75% of calories burned each day! It depends on many factors: the average level of activity, body composition (ratio of muscle and fat mass), age, sex, heredity and body weight. If you live an active life during the day, then the OBV rate increases and your body burns more calories.

Secret Weapon speed up metabolism:

1) Sport, Physical Activity

Restore muscle tissue and speed up the pacemetabolism can be a regular exercise. Any physical activity, such as walking or riding a bike, pushing fat burning - and still almost an hour after its termination. To expend calories, you do not even need special exercises. You can use any movement, from climbing the stairs to the removal of rubbish.

Evening classes alter the natural tendencythe body to reduce the pace of life at the end of the day. Acceleration of metabolism lasts a few hours, and you will burn fat even while you sleep. Finish the exercises at least 3 hours prior to sleep, to sleep soundly.

2) muscle-building

Muscle cells consume more calories thanfat. Half a kilo of muscle tissue consumes 35-45 calories per day, while a pound of fat - only about two. This means that the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn at any moment during the day, no matter whether you are doing walking with dumbbells or just watch TV. Use additional sources of protein.

3) Water

Water is an essential participant in the processmetabolism in humans. Water suppresses the appetite and helps to metabolize fats deferred. Water - the matrix of life, the basis of metabolism. Drink water! Lack of water can slow metabolism - because of the liver's main task in this case will be to restore stocks of liquid in the body, rather than burn fat.

4) Sleep

Deep sleep helps produce bodyGrowth hormone, which accelerates the exchange of substances and therefore burns calories and leads to weight loss. Deep sleep primarily promotes renewal of cerebral cells, and this in turn leads to acceleration of metabolism.

5) Sun

Sunlight increases the activity of man,It speeds up the metabolism and helps synthesize vitamin D. Even on a clear day the mood better. Sunlight can favorably influence on the general condition, stabilize and strengthen the body's defenses. Do not sit at home on a sunny day!

6) Fresh air

Oxygen causes rapid metabolism, "burn" body fat.

7) Reduce stress

Stress releases fatty acids which are redistributed through the bloodstream and deposited in fat.

8) Sex

Also speeds up the metabolism. Orgasm - all this has a physiological meaning, blood strongly saturated with oxygen, improves tissue nutrition and metabolism.

9) Douches

To enhance the metabolism and preservingelasticity of the body, it is desirable to take a contrast shower or a shower, with a gradual lowering of the water temperature from 34 to 20 degrees. Ends with a contrast shower is always cold water.

10) Omega-3 fatty acids

These same fatty acids regulate the level ofleptin in the body. According to many researchers, it is this hormone is responsible not only for the rate of metabolism in the body, but also for the fundamental decisions about what to burn fat at the moment or to accumulate it.

11) Vitamin

Other B6 vitamins. Vitamins really speed up the metabolism in the cells.

12) Chrome

Accelerates metabolism, digesting fats and carbohydrates, regulates the arrival
e sugar in blood.

13) Calcium, carbohydrate + fiber

Carbohydrates combined with digestible fiberrather slowly. That is, improve metabolism, maintaining the level of insulin in the blood for several hours (working day actually). When the blood insulin level jumps, the body perceives it as a warning sign and start just in case to accumulate strategic reserves of fat. If this indicator is OK, the metabolic rate is increased by 10%, and sometimes more. Calcium also helps to speed up the metabolism process. As evidenced by the results of studies of British nutritionists, sufferers from excess weight, which increased day calcium intake to 1200-1300 mg, lose weight twice as fast as those who accrue to calcium within the normal daily allowance.

14) Lemons

Lemon increases immunity, restores exchangesubstances. Used for fever, metabolic disorders, gastritis. During sessions in the hall of a simple drink non-carbonated water with a lemon - it will speed up your metabolism and fat burning process.

15) Vegetarian dishes

Vegetarians accelerated metabolism.

16) Iodine

Iodine activates the thyroid gland - speed up metabolism. Many of iodine contained in seaweed. And 6 apple seeds (chew) - daily intake of iodine.

17) Laughter

Intensive laughter while watching a fun comedyincreases the metabolic rate by 20%. It turned out that people who laugh for 15 minutes a day can burn 2kg of muscle in a year. Among the other "non-sporting" activities that can increase the level of metabolism, involuntary movements (fidgeting) and movements in the slope or squatting.

Energetic people can not sit still, and the researchers found that they tend to be more thin and burnt on the day by about 350 calories more cool people, which is about five kilograms of fat per year.

I would like to remove the dry residue of the writing, that each could apply it to their lives. So:

1. Movement. And, what is most natural for you, which causes positive emotions. If you think of all the movements of your closest lying on the couch, you have painted themselves into a hole. You need RAZDVIGIVATSYA. Slowly but purposefully.

2. Sleep, and other needs should be saturated.

3. Eating a varied and balanced.

4. Drink. Pure water. The liquid according to need and without limitation. It is better to make an extra sip, swallow than an extra piece.

5. Lots of positive emotions. And the body will not feel sorry for any of its strategic reserves. If you laugh, it means that the work which you are doing good. And a good deal do not mind. Remember how your kgs volatile, when you have had a period of happy mutual love ?!